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  Books   02 Jan 2020  Desi Mills and Boons author

Desi Mills and Boons author

Published : Jan 2, 2020, 12:34 am IST
Updated : Jan 2, 2020, 12:34 am IST

An interview with Milan Vohra, the author of Our song, who specialises in the romance genre.

By Milan Vohra, Publisher: Harper Collins,  Pp.240, Rs 299
 By Milan Vohra, Publisher: Harper Collins, Pp.240, Rs 299

The romance genre is the oldest form of writing. When it comes to romance novels in this age, books by Mills & Boon never disappoint. They churn some of the most heart-touching and sometimes steamy romances. To be a part of this is an honour. So when author Milan Vohra was given chance to become India’s first Mills and Boon author, she grabbed it with both hands! Having written books like The Love Asana, Tick-Tock, We’re 30 and now Our Song, the author is on high. In a candid chat with us, she shares some insights.

Cutting straight to the point, what inspired you to venture into this genre? “It was a spontaneous decision to enter a Harlequin contest. Mills & Boons were a fun part of my growing up – always associated with post exam chilling out,” she shares.  After writing her very first M&B, Milan made the conscious decision to write a lot more. Her new book – Our Song is a classic tale of opposites attract! Speaking about what inspired her to write the book, “Music is what has always sustained me through tough times, and I found myself building Ragini’s character – someone who has held on to her music to learn to fight her battles. She has held on to her madness and stayed positive because of music. While, Andrew represents a lot of people who want only non-committal, transactional relationships,” she shares adding that she is glad to have sat on the plot for over 10 years.

Ragini and Andrew are poles apart. While Andrew is your typical male alpha who is unemotional and icy, Ragini on the other hand is no damsel in distress. She works hard with her music to pay the bill. When asked which character she relates to the most, “I’m a lot like Ragini. I also wish I could be a lot more like her. I am impulsive. I have ideas on the go. She has held on to her optimism in spite of all that life has thrown at her. Like Ragini, I can’t see my life without music. Music is something that’s been an anchor, a joy giver, a memory marker, a source of knowing myself, and experiencing the divine,” shares this author who adds her own desi twist to a classic M&B book.

When writing, Milan says drawing a line between inner dialogue and open conversations can become tricky. She explains, “Less is more is true of both. As a storyteller you feel your way around the balance. You simply cannot bore your readers or viewers. The real challenge though I believe is not just in finding this intuitive balance, it is in keeping a reader/listener’s attention. The novel form gives you the freedom to build descriptions and characters’ thoughts. The balance between inner dialogue and dialogue finds itself as you write.” Milan signs off by giving tips for a aspiring writer saying, “Tip number one – Write as regularly as you can. Do not think about publishing until after you have written. You must also respect your own voice. Stop critiquing or comparing your writing, or your luck in getting commissioned or winning a contest or whatever you had set your heart on with anyone else.”

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