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137th Day Of Lockdown

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Cambridge Analytica

Court approves USD 5 billion fine on Facebook for data privacy violations

Facebook made a deal with US Federal Trade Commission on fine, but privacy activists say it's too little for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

25 Apr 2020 3:23 PM

Facebook, other tech firms manipulative, should be regulated, Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

Facebook users were profiled for vulnerability to radicalisation and were fed content to push them on to that path, says Christopher Wylie

11 Mar 2020 7:29 PM

New breach exposes data of over 9 million Facebook and Twitter users

Facebook and Twitter both would be notifying the users that it knows have been impacted by the breach.

27 Nov 2019 12:50 PM

California reveals Facebook probe, says social media company hampering investigation

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said there were 25 requests the company declined to answer or provide documents to fulfill.

07 Nov 2019 12:00 PM

Facebook CEO meets Trump, mends fences in Washington after years of being under fire

While some lawmakers like Josh Hawley were quick to upbraid the CEO, several senators praised Zuckerberg for taking extensive time to meet.

21 Sep 2019 1:10 PM


Facebook suspends tens of thousands of apps in response to Cambridge Analytica row

The suspended apps are associated with about 400 developers, it is not necessary that these apps were posing a threat to users.

21 Sep 2019 10:29 AM

Facebook slapped with record USD 5 billion fine by FTC

Facebook will also pay USD 100 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission for failing to disclose the breach to investors.

25 Jul 2019 7:43 AM

FTC sues Cambridge Analytica over 'deceptive practices'

App developer Aleksandr Kogan has also agreed to follow the orders and destroy all personal information.

25 Jul 2019 7:38 AM

Facebook ordered by judge to turn over data privacy records

Cambridge Analytica used profiling techniques to predict and influence voter behaviour.

01 Jun 2019 12:30 PM

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg forced to resign: Petition

Zuckerberg has been the sole leader of Facebook for its entire 15 years of existence.

11 May 2019 9:43 AM


Facebook settlement with US may include privacy oversight

The step would include appointing a federally-approved privacy official at the highest level of Facebook.

02 May 2019 11:18 AM

Facebook, FTC discussing multibillion dollar fine

The fine would be the largest ever imposed on a tech company.

18 Feb 2019 12:15 PM

Lawmakers slam Facebook, recommend stiffer regulation

The report on fake news and disinformation on social media sites followed an 18-month investigation.

18 Feb 2019 12:07 PM

Facebook likely to face two more state probes on privacy issues

The states of New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts are also probing the social media giant.

01 Feb 2019 12:08 PM

Facebook must earn back trust

The social media platform is investing billions of dollars a year to improve the security of its network.

27 Jan 2019 11:40 AM


Facebook backs election integrity, AI initiatives in Germany

In Germany, Facebook is relatively less popular among users than in other Western countries, partly due to privacy concerns.

21 Jan 2019 10:27 AM

US regulators discuss fining Facebook for privacy violations

It is unclear if the company would settle with the FTC by accepting a significant financial penalty.

19 Jan 2019 10:27 AM

Facebook to buy back additional $9 billion of shares

Facebook is being investigated by lawmakers in Britain after consultancy Cambridge Analytica.

08 Dec 2018 10:04 AM

Fix Facebook, whether it wants to or not: whistleblower

Eight months after revealing the links between Facebook and CA, whistleblower is pushing for the internet giant to be regulated.

02 Dec 2018 12:25 PM

Google+ to shut down consumer version after 500,000 users data exposed

Google said software glitch in social site gave outside developers potential access to private Google+ profile data between 2015 and 2018.

09 Oct 2018 10:43 AM