Friday, May 29, 2020 | Last Update : 03:46 AM IST

65th Day Of Lockdown

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World’s most successful arcade game Pac-Man turns 40: Here's the story of how it came to be

The firm claims the lovable character has a brand recognition of 90 percent around the world—“one of the most recognised on the planet”.

22 May 2020 5:42 PM

Video game sales in March surged to USD 10 billion as lockdown stoked enthusiasm for gaming

Console and PC games are popular in Europe and North America where curbs on going out were ramped up in March due to the pandemic

23 Apr 2020 5:58 PM

Here are the top 10 apps for your iPhone and iPad this week

Despite security concerns, Zoom remains the most downloaded free app, followed by another videoconferencing app, Houseparty

15 Apr 2020 6:56 PM

Rein Games is one gaming platform you have to check out to earn real money

Rein Games delivers never before high quality, uninterrupted, hack-proof entertainment for serious gamers.

15 Feb 2020 9:07 AM ‘Grand Gaming Days’ brings offers on laptops, consoles and more ‘Grand Gaming Days’ will be live until today, January 29, 2020.

29 Jan 2020 7:36 AM


Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer mode is not coming until after 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 was earlier expected to release in April along with other anticipated titles.

18 Jan 2020 7:38 AM

Poker enthusiasts use these tips to game responsibly

Poker is a game of skill and thriving well in India as a source of entertainment, to improve the problem-solving skills and to ease stress.

17 Jan 2020 12:58 PM

Twitter lays waste to Sony PS5 new logo and the tweets are hilarious

Sony recently unveiled its new logo for the PlayStation 5 and Twitter is having a field day.

08 Jan 2020 12:23 PM

5 gaming platforms that help you make money

A number of digital gaming platform enable you to mint money while killing boredom over them.

30 Nov 2019 10:59 AM

Google Stadia to launch with 22 games

Two titles, namely Destiny 2: The Collection and Samurai Shodown will be available in Stadia Pro.

19 Nov 2019 8:00 AM


Apple Arcade reaches 100 games milestone

The latest addition to the offering is six games including Sociable Soccer, UFO on Tape: First Contact, and Marble It Up: Mayhem and more.

09 Nov 2019 7:46 AM

Mario Kart Tour reaches 123.9 million downloads in first month

The mobile game has had the second-biggest launch month in history in terms of downloads.

30 Oct 2019 8:43 AM

Apple iPad may disrupt PC gaming with hard-core gaming support

Apple may be planning to add full mouse support in the near future to iPad to make it a productivity and gaming platform.

26 Oct 2019 7:46 AM

Rapoo launches its in-ear gaming headphone

Dedicated solution for Smartphone and Nintendo switch gamers.

16 Oct 2019 1:22 PM

Study reveals women are more active gamers than men

Most of the women played PUBG Mobile. Other frequent games include Candy Crush, Clash of Clans and word puzzle titles.

26 Sep 2019 2:57 PM


Apple Arcade invites you to play something extraordinary

Groundbreaking game subscription service launches on the app store for inr 99 per month on September 19.

11 Sep 2019 8:19 AM

This gaming SSD is super-fast!

The S40G supports the NVMe standard and utilizes the high-speed PCIe Gen3x4 interface to create a dynamic experience for users.

27 Aug 2019 6:12 PM

Here’s what you should do with your old PS, Xbox and Nintendo’s

Every gamer goes clueless when a new updated version of their gaming console is released.

17 Aug 2019 5:38 PM

Game Mode: ON!

Irrespective of screen size, you can now have a consistent gaming experience.

12 Aug 2019 11:02 AM

PS4 games available for as low as Rs 100, offers Gameaholic

India gets its first flat-fee PS4 game exchange platform.

05 Aug 2019 2:57 PM