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  Entertainment   TV  26 Sep 2019  Nabeel Ahmad shares his growth hacks; find out!

Nabeel Ahmad shares his growth hacks; find out!

Published : Sep 26, 2019, 9:51 am IST
Updated : Sep 26, 2019, 9:51 am IST

Nabeel believes you must figure out the key elements you want to highlight.

Nabeel Ahmad
 Nabeel Ahmad

At an age where most young people are still not sure about their career, Nabeel Ahmad was already making waves in the digital world. His incredible success story was inspiring the young lot and compelling them to uncover the secrets he used to grow his business.

About which Ahmad states countless times in his interviews with global publications that it was his relentless drive to uncover virtual wonders that kept him treading on this pathway. Speaking about his journey, he says: “Like many entrepreneurs out there, I also stumbled across roadblocks. But my passion helped me get out of the woods every single time.”

Today, he runs a digital agency by the name of Vertabyte. He also owns a PR agency that goes by the name of The Influencer Factory. Adding to these, he recently launched BulletCoders, a software development firm that offers exceptional development services to international enterprises.
Considering his brilliant success story, we found it apt to interview the tech maestro about the growth hacks he used to scale his digital empire. It was evident that his insight will teach many lessons to the people pursuing a similar road.
According to Nabeel, a decisive factor in the success of a digital strategy is positioning. He says: “You must determine the market position you aim to reach. Next, you must play the right cards to reach there. Throughout the planning, the focus of your brand must be on value provision.”

Going further into the pointer, Nabeel believes you must figure out the key elements you want to highlight. This involves wording your pitch the right way and using appropriate social approach, whether you’re dealing with clients, or pitching to a media outlet. It is plausible to assume that this hack might not work for some entities out there. However, creative twisting of existing strategies will eventually bring in the desired outcomes.
When reviewing his journey so far, we can conclude that for Nabeel, forming a brand image is the first step of the success ladder. A credible brand will naturally enhance the chances of closing better deals. One way of building a strong brand is through PR.

Nabeel advises people who aim to progress in the digital world to focus on the groundwork. He puts it quite well in the following statement: “Journalists and editors at top media outlets can catalyze the positioning process of your brand. Talk to them. Let them know the value you can provide them, and get them to cover your story. Once you master this process, it’s just about execution after that. However, having the right connections will speed the process up tremendously.”

Nabeel Ahmad intends to launch more brands in the future and reach out to the high-end market. Clearly, for him, the sky is the limit. The inspiring journey of this young entrepreneur shows us that nothing can stop you from turning your dreams into reality if you tread the correct path.

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