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Big-toe shoes take footwear world by storm

Published : Aug 31, 2019, 10:55 am IST
Updated : Aug 31, 2019, 10:55 am IST

Move over peep-toes, the 'big-toe' is here to raise the fashion bar.

Printed open-toe shoes. (Photo: ANI/Lyst)
 Printed open-toe shoes. (Photo: ANI/Lyst)

Washington: We come across plenty of bizarre fashion trends and footwear are no alien to this. We have seen a number of uncanny shoes including fish flops, octopus shoes, and crocs, but giving them a good run for their money are the 'big toe' heels, the latest trend in the footwear industry.

The shoes expose the big toe while rest are covered like in a regular heel. The bizarre heel was debuted on the catwalk for Paris-based brand Y/Projects' Spring/Summer 2018 collection, reported New York Post.

The trend, however, seems to have struck gold in the market with shoes selling for prices upwards of USD 1000. The black and whites, floral prints, mule versions and almost all forms of the big-toe heels are selling like hotcakes, according to Lyst's website, cited by the outlet.

With big toe shoes making a mark in the market other high-fashion brands like Celine have also unveiled similar heels Pirate Leather Sandals that only cover the big toe and reveal the rest for USD 695. Somehow, these are also sold out as the #BigToeShoe craze is a fad on Instagram.

It was French veteran designer Maison Margiela who first introduced toe-separation craze with his Tabi calfskin boots (which go for USD 980) in 1989, which cover all toes, but with a big divider between the big toe and rest toes. The innovative approach was inspired by traditional Japanese tabi socks, which were typically worn with sandals and slight resemblance to the hoof of a deer.

"I wanted to create an 'invisible' shoe, the illusion of barefoot walking on a high, chunky heel," Margiela told Geert Bruloot, the first retailer to sell Margiela's out-of-the-box shoes, according to GQ, New York Post cited. Regardless of its unusual look, the footwear is surely on its way to become a hit.

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