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If Sara Ali Khan can, so you can also, says Dr Supratim Akaash Paul

Published : Mar 7, 2020, 11:49 pm IST
Updated : Mar 7, 2020, 11:51 pm IST

Dr. Paul also mentions that undoubtedly it was a challenge to transform someone who was obese to making her the toast of the town.

Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul and Sara Ali Khan
 Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul and Sara Ali Khan

It was not an easy task for Sara Ali Khan on her journey from fat to fit, however she did it. Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul throws some light on how this adolescent girl of 96 kgs transformed in to the nation’s most desirable diva.

We have been chasing Dr. Paul for an interview and finally we caught up with him to know about some most wanted secrets of B-town celebs. By now, we all know that Dr. Supratim Akaash Paul is a consultant to many Bollywood actors. He is a celebrated dermatologist, cosmetologist, clinical nutritionist and fitness and wellness expert and in a nutshell he is the last word in the world of glamour and beauty.

We are all aware of how stunning Sara Ali Khan looks post her weight loss and specially in her new release “Love Aaj Kal 2” she has taken the nation by surprise. She very recently posted her sizzling bikini pictures on Instagram which has gone viral. Dr. Paul had some very interesting facts to shareabout the entire journey of Sara Ali Khan from “flab to fab”. Dr. Paul says, “It had been particularly very difficult for Sara as a teenager because she was suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is a condition which retards the entire process of losing weight, making it frustrating, losing focus and leading to depression and mood swings. This had been a very crucial stage in Sara’s life where she had to be at it, disciplined to the core and needless to mention fiercely obedient. Sara was 96 kgs and had a strong affinity for junk food. Healthy eating just did not exist in her day to day lifestyle. So any amount of workout did not help her to lose the stubborn weight initially. An entire lifestyle modification was what she embarked upon, once she decided that she is going to hit out in Bollywood. Soon the pizzas, chocolates and colas, flew out of the window. The target was initially to lose 40 kgs and then going for toning and body tightening and contouring. Sara was not chalked out for size zero. She needed to look fuller and healthy with the right flesh at the right place and adding to this was a healthy glowing skin and flawlessness.”

Dr. Paul also mentions that undoubtedly it was a challenge to transform someone who was obese to making her the toast of the town. Now she is one such confident and gorgeous actors of Bollywood who is an inspiration to many youngsters who are struggling with weight loss. Sara Ali Khan’s work out regime included heavy weight cardio, functional training, boxing, cycling, and now she’s incorporated power yoga and pilates. All this together has taken her fitness to a different level altogether.

Dr. Paul is one such dynamic lifestyle medicine expert who has the latest innovations in his kitty making him the undisputed king in his field of glitz and glamour

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