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  Life   Relationship  10 Jul 2020  Yin & Yang | Sex isn't about quantity, so stop counting

Yin & Yang | Sex isn't about quantity, so stop counting

Published : Jul 10, 2020, 8:54 pm IST
Updated : Jul 10, 2020, 8:54 pm IST

Dr Narayana Reddy answers your queries on sex, sexuality and relationship

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I am 35-year-old working man and I'm on the verge of getting married. The girl is 31 years old and now I came to know that after 30, women have poor chances of pregnancy and may have difficulty in sexual relationship. Please tell me what kind of problems may arise regarding late pregnancy.

A: Fertility of both man and women decline with age; the decline is less for men. At the age of 31, decline in fertility is minimal for women; significant decline occurs only after the age of 35 and marked after the age 40. Women at 31 do not have difficulty in sexual relations as compared to younger women.


I am a married male and 33 years old. My spouse and I are healthy and we have sex every fortnight. What is the normal number of times one should be able to have sex in one session of about two hours? I am able to do it only once in a session. Are there any possibilities to increase my libido without taking any drugs?

A: There are no specific guidelines for the intercourse frequency. The concerned couple has to decide for themselves. What is that you are trying to achieve? Do you want to prove yourself by performing sex at an expected standard of frequency? This thinking / attitude is not healthy. You should not compare yourself with any one.


As long as you and your wife are satisfied and feel fulfilled (with the sexual act), it is immaterial whether you have once in a session or hundred times in a session.

The question of taking medicines does not arise as you are healthy and have no problem in performing sex.

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