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68th Day Of Lockdown

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AA Edit: End this rage against science

Published : Mar 16, 2020, 12:48 pm IST
Updated : Mar 16, 2020, 12:48 pm IST

There may be some amazing hidden qualities in gau mutra but it cannot be used as a vaccine against Covid-19

Supporters of the All-India Hindu Mahasabha organised a gau mutra party in New Delhi to publicise cow urine as an antidote to the coronavirus. (AP)
 Supporters of the All-India Hindu Mahasabha organised a gau mutra party in New Delhi to publicise cow urine as an antidote to the coronavirus. (AP)

Our era is marked by commonplace outbursts of denial of reason, envy and hatred for intellectual achievement, overzealous mockery of pillars of wisdom like science and philosophy, and a near civilisation-scale rebellion against everything sensible.

At a time when humanity is facing climate change and epidemics like the coronavirus, threats which have been growing on us inexorably and which need a coming together of the best minds across borders and continents, there is a frighteningly dominant chorus of anti-reason.

When every section of society — government, politicians, social and health workers, officials, private sector, doctors, researchers and scientists, and people at large — must ensure that every single person is reached out to on a war-footing with right awareness — when it must remove misconceptions — such very sections are becoming a source of nonsensical views.

There surely might be amazing hidden qualities in gau mutra — but you cannot have a sip and take off for the moon — or use it as a vaccine against Covid-19. You cannot stuff cotton in the rear and ward off the devil causing this disease. Most certainly, the virus is not divine punishment against any community, even if it were a fair assessment that god should indeed be punishing a lot of people for a lot of things they say and do.

We are living a life today that should feel magical by known standards of science and technology a mere 40 years ago. An Internet-powered mobile phone in nearly every hand is a miracle of science. Don’t demean it by using WhatsApp to spread anti-science balderdash, or rivalling a TikTok that is pure hatred and bias, aimed at dividing us.

Love for one’s past and roots is beautiful. We were an ancient civilisation that gave the world zero, chess, yoga, ayurveda and a lot more. Don’t insult such a legacy by peddling myths, half-truths and brazen falsehoods to tickle cultural hubris and for imaginary self-aggrandisement.

Abolish the alchemist, the witch doctor and spin doctor from prominence in our narratives. Let science speak for truth, and for all of us.

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