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  Technology   Gadgets  13 Dec 2018  beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review: For the audio buffs only

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review: For the audio buffs only

Published : Dec 13, 2018, 4:30 pm IST
Updated : Dec 13, 2018, 4:30 pm IST

A pair of in-ear headphones that offer superior audio quality and a comfortable design.

The beyerdynamic Beat BYRD, introduced at IFA 2018 boasts the brand’s new Y signet.
 The beyerdynamic Beat BYRD, introduced at IFA 2018 boasts the brand’s new Y signet.

Over the years, earphones are being launched in a variety of shapes and forms with the most recent ones protruding innocuously from the ears. While these earphones are great and have no functionality, they make for some uncomfortable binge watching sessions especially when we want to adopt any other position that’s not on our backs. The earphones protrude out from the ears making them extremely uncomfortable while lying on our sides.

Up until recently, we had to make do with the earphones we have as there was no right pair of earphones that allowed us to lay comfortably on our sides and watch our favourite videos. German luxury headphone brand beyerdynamic aims to address this issue and has launched the Beat BYRD earphones that feature flat heads so they do not protrude from the auricle and will not press on the ear even when you are lying on your side.


We take a look at these earphones and tell you whether it is worth Rs 2,199 or if you should opt for something else.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review

Design, Build

There are a ton of earphones available in the market and in 2018, most of the great sounding ones are pretty affordable, especially from the likes of Sennheiser, JBL, Xiaomi, boAt and a host of other manufacturers. So the question arises — Why spend Rs 2,199 on a pair of earphones that just feature an alternate design?

This is where we get into the length and breadth of the Beat BYRD. There are a number of reasons why these earphones should be your best bet.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review

The Beat BYRD is made by beyerdynamic, an undisputed leader in audio technology. The brand is rich in history and has been launching products for nearly a century. They not only introduce products that are functional but have some of the best designs in the world.


The Beat BYRD stands head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to design. The earbuds feature a flat design that’s so rare on earphones today — reason — dual and triple drivers, batteries built in, and more needed in them. Here, the buds do not protrude out of the ear canal making you stop and wonder if they are actually even in your ear in the first place. They are so comfortable that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing anything at all. And a major reason for purchasing earphones apart from audio quality is the wearing comfort. The design is unconventional and it doesn’t serve in any audio improvement; and in all honesty, they don’t make for the most stylish earphones either. However, it is functional and it allows the earbuds to lie comfortably in your ear when your head is pressed against a pillow. This means that you can be sure to rest comfortably for long amounts without fearing that the earphones will dig into your ears and cause discomfort. This minor design change can potentially be very useful for most people.


beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review

The beyerdynamic Beat BYRD, introduced at IFA 2018 boasts the brand’s new Y signet. The earbuds are made of premium plastic making them sturdy enough to withstand accidental knocks when out of the ear canals. The earbuds are angled and feature conical ear tips that are also functional and go deep within the ear cavity. Coupled with the flat design, the overall design of the earbuds is made for the wearer’s comfort. Sadly, the high glossy exterior does show the dust on it with ease. But halt — these are only earphones and cannot be used as headsets for your smartphone. It is a simple stereo headphones, aimed for those who want simple, but good sounding earphones just for a tablet, laptop or media player.


beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review

The cables are of thicker than usual and tangle-free. This is especially useful for those of you who just like to stuff your earphones in your pocket and run out of the house. Being thicker, they are more robust as well, so if you accidentally snag them on anything, you can be assured that they won’t break.

Overall, the build quality of the Beyerdynamic earphones is pretty great and it also boasts of a design that’s way more functional than initially perceived.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review


While the design is by far the main USP of these earphones, the audio quality is great as well, making them for an alluring option to be used with smartphones, tablets and even portable music players. The Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD has a decent extension when it comes to the highs and lows; this makes it ideal for casual listening to most of the popular genres.


Elaborating on the bass, we find that there is a fair amount of detail, enough for you to pick out the finer details. There is an ample amount of punch but it does extend over, leaving it in place without drowning out the other frequencies. The details are apparent in the mids as well, but not as pronounced as we find them in the bass. Listening at full volume, we did notice some distortion but good enough to be ignored. Vocals truly come alive and there is that added emphasis, making them great for listening to acapella music. The instruments sound great as well, but nothing really in comparison to just vocals. While the highs have its fair share of sparkle, they stutter a bit when there is sibilance.


Overall, the performance is far above average, making them an ideal choice for listening to a wide range of genres.

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review


Priced at Rs 1,999, the beyerdynamic Beat BYRD earphones are a bit on the pricier side. While they do offer some great audio performances are really comfortable while lying down, we still cannot get past the price. There are a ton of earphones from top brands that offer almost on par audio quality and come with features like an in-line microphone for a lot less, and in this day and age, it’s something that we just need. However, if you want a great pair of earphones that offers above-average audio quality, are very comfortable especially when lying down, and with a good build quality, then look no further than the Beat BYRD from Beyerdynamic.


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