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  Books   11 Apr 2021

Books, 11 Apr 2021

Book Review: Urgent, cogent, matter-of-fact ready-reckoner on the C-virus

'Covid-19' does not just tackle the pandemic from scientific perspective but looks at historic, social and psychological angles as well

11 Apr 2021 8:34 AM

Book Review: A decent sort of madness

The director's threat to leave Mr B and make his find his own way home, is answered by 'please do. I will walk home with the donkey'

11 Apr 2021 8:26 AM

Book Review: Onus on the moderate Muslim to reclaim Islam’s heterodox legacy

The predominant view about Sufism is that it exists outside Islam as a cult born out of the admixture of Hinduism with the Prophet’s faith

11 Apr 2021 8:15 AM