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anand parthasarathy

VoWiFi is here

You can now use a WiFi hotspot to make voice or video calls and save on data usage.

20 Jan 2020 6:13 PM

Small wonder!

The Amani powerbank packs 10,000 mAh into a very small package

13 Jan 2020 4:52 PM

Brave new browsers!

Security & privacy concerns are forcing phone users to look beyond pre-installed famous browsers to safer, less snoopy ones, here are a few.

13 Jan 2020 12:56 PM

Year of the photo sapiens

As we enter the 3rd decade of century- and of the cell phone in India- here is a guide to technologies that will touch our digital lifestyle

06 Jan 2020 11:20 AM

Start 2020 with a smarter home

With fast-n-furious data speeds on offer and affordable innovative devices finally exploit the potential of home wireless networks.

30 Dec 2019 10:49 AM


Self-driving tractors: Next big thing in agriculture

Farmers will soon be able to till the soil, sow seeds and harvest crops, using a driver-less tractor.

23 Dec 2019 11:57 AM

Say 'moo', to the Connected Cow!

Chitale is at the vanguard of a new niche: Agri-robotics for automatic milking and surveillance.

23 Dec 2019 11:31 AM


December 23 - the birthday of India's 5th Prime Minister & farmers' leader, Chaudhary Charan Singh - is Kisan Diwas or National Farmers Day.

23 Dec 2019 11:11 AM

Chennai Centre of Genesys delivers cutting edge solutions based on cloud & AI

The company leverages social media to improve contact centre experience

10 Dec 2019 4:45 PM

This pro is lit, bro!

Realme's latest is a 64 MP masterpiece

09 Dec 2019 1:08 PM


Small is beautiful

The Google Nest Mini squeezes all the familiar smart voice features into a tiny --and hang able -- body.

02 Dec 2019 11:50 AM


Smart speakers have morphed from entertainment tools to serious lifestyle managers.

02 Dec 2019 11:37 AM

IIIT-B showcases innovation at Bangalore Tech Summit

The institute is 20 years old this year.

25 Nov 2019 9:06 AM

For smart canines!

Wagr is India’s first GPS & fitness dog tracker.

25 Nov 2019 8:59 AM

Alexa, wake me at five!

Amazon adds a time-n-temperature display to its entry-level Echo Dot speaker.

18 Nov 2019 9:05 AM



Xiaomi has sharply simplified both looks and functionality of the Mi Smart Water Purifier.

18 Nov 2019 8:42 AM

Mandatory Powerplay

There's a power bank for every taste these days. Here are two with some special features.

11 Nov 2019 8:51 AM

New waves of WiFi

Recent advances promise faster networks at home -- and SIM-based hotspots everywhere.

11 Nov 2019 8:40 AM

Sporty smartwatch

Playfit SW75 tracks your performance in 14 different sports activities

04 Nov 2019 9:18 AM

Double duty earbuds

The carrying case of Riversong Air X3, works as an emergency power bank.

28 Oct 2019 10:39 AM