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Ashis Ray

Congruity, not clash, of civilisations is at root of Sen’s academic vision

He found distinguished Cambridge economists less concerned about issues like inequality, poverty and exploitation

18 Jul 2021 1:19 AM

Invisibility of Nehruvian idealism evident in India’s foreign policy

Nehru authored the fundamental stance of non-alignment in a climate of post-Second World War hostility between capitalism and Communism.

27 Dec 2019 3:21 AM

Insta make-up ready!

Cosmetic tattooing and permanent make-up is the latest buzz in town. While the trend has major takers in the west for quite sometime, it has risen to prominence in India only recently.

19 Sep 2016 10:51 PM

Resurfaced rejuvenation!

As the desire for alabaster-like skin will not fizzle out any time soon, an expert tells us about a trend that’s here to stay!

11 Jul 2016 10:30 PM