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We are all constantly telling stories, says Shekhar Kapur

Shekhar Kapur speaks about the source of inspiration for artistes, his first days as a filmmaker and how the Indian Constitution saved Bandit Queen.

28 Nov 2017 12:01 AM

There is no one history, says Shekar Kapur

The director further confessed to having faced similar situations in the West.

27 Nov 2017 2:06 AM

All study and no play

Coach Balmukund Tiwari points out that not every student is talented in academics, and those who aren’t shouldn’t be overlooked.

26 Nov 2017 12:19 AM

Avert the male gaze

Wonder Woman, herself, fights for justice, but the focus remains the close-up butt shots of her in her short costume.

23 Nov 2017 1:36 AM

S Durga fight ends in victory

The Kerala HC has announced that the movie should be screened at IFFI.

22 Nov 2017 2:49 AM


A blow to civil rights

Harrowing as Nidhi’s experience was, it is not an anomaly.

22 Nov 2017 12:27 AM

Amp up the glitz quotient

The story of Archi and Parshya’s love as told in Nagraj Manjule’s hard-hitting Marathi film Sairat made it a universally acclaimed film.

20 Nov 2017 12:01 AM

Where a book finds a shelf

The idea to create a platform for authors had been germinating in Lavanya’s mind for quite a while.

18 Nov 2017 1:08 AM

Unshackle movies from the government chain

MAMI had a screening of S Durga in their India Gold section but the film has been dropped at IFFI.

17 Nov 2017 12:08 AM

Shame’s the name of the game

With victim-shaming so rampant in the country, can Bollywood ever imagine a Harvey Weinstein moment? Industry insiders weigh in.

16 Nov 2017 1:08 AM


I&B curtain falls on Nude, S Durga

Jury chief Sujoy Ghosh resigns in protest and filmmakers are in shock as the ministry unceremoniously drops movies from IFFI.

15 Nov 2017 12:01 AM

Bringing folk to the youth

The duo met when they were both looking to collaborate and branch out from their own fields of specialty.

14 Nov 2017 12:45 AM

Comic lovers, assemble!

Day one of Mumbai’s Comic Con was quite the sight, with cosplay outfits ranging from Batman to Chacha Chaudhary, international artists and more.

12 Nov 2017 12:08 AM

I am a man of powerful images, says David Lloyd

David Lloyd speaks about his creative process in an exclusive interview.

11 Nov 2017 2:08 AM

Let kids be kids

With the threat of unfiltered media content reaching children looming large, how does one ensure the right kind of information is reaching kids?

11 Nov 2017 12:28 AM


Reality bites for biopics?

How does one make the perfect biopic? Is it the look, skill, or star power that matters? Experts weigh in...

10 Nov 2017 12:07 AM

Age no bar

With social media trolls having a field day with Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar’s relationship.

08 Nov 2017 12:09 AM

A green little world in a bowl

Each terrarium consists of a variety of succulents and other plants, soil and decorative miniatures.

06 Nov 2017 12:07 AM

A record lover’s dream in thieves’ market

Usually to be found sitting beneath the shade in front of the shop, Salim Shikh is one of the two owners of the shop.

05 Nov 2017 12:10 AM

A riot of colour from a barren land

Three generations of the Mumbai-based Athalye family have been working towards making the city a greener and more colourful place.

03 Nov 2017 12:23 AM