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Rashmi Murthy

Rosy Cheeks Within!

And a trend that is going to be huge this season is a rosy glow on your cheeks.

24 Sep 2019 12:23 AM

Pretty in Purple

As an eye colour, you can pair it up with a number of hues to make it stand out.

18 Sep 2019 12:24 AM

Checkered tips!

A checkered french mani is versatile, easy to do and literally goes with any outfit and any looks.

27 Aug 2019 12:43 AM

Plump it Up!

Containing ingredients like cinnamon, ginger mint, wintergreen, or capsicum they boost blood flow to the lips, leading to mild swelling and redness.

12 Aug 2019 11:59 PM

Galactic eyes on point

Colours like black, silver, gold, blue, green, white, purple, lavender, pink and grey are galactic colours.

09 Jul 2019 12:53 AM


Ace your makeup game

When it comes to makeup and rain, it not a very pleasant combination.

03 Jul 2019 1:02 AM

Like a ‘rainbow’

While it’s perfect for halloween, unicorn inspired looks, this makeup look will also work for an official setting if done right.

05 Jun 2019 12:18 AM

Uber, Ola face off in battle for India’s booming taxi market

Aiming to wrest control of India’s booming taxi market, two cab-hailing smartphone apps — Uber and Ola — are promising hundreds of millions in new investment while also facing off with one another in

31 Mar 2016 6:55 AM

Cow dung patties selling like hot cakes online in India

Like consumers around the globe, Indians are flocking to the online marketplace in droves these days.

29 Dec 2015 12:53 AM