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Dilli Ka Babu: The CRPF’s new boss

Before this appointment, Mr Maheshwari was serving as special secretary (internal security) in the ministry of home affairs (MHA).

26 Jan 2020 2:30 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Commissioner system in UP

The government has initiated a major restructuring of the Railway Board, among other “reforms”.

19 Jan 2020 5:22 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: IPS wars in UP

Now the cry has gone out that the Yogi Adityanath government should institute a CBI probe into the transfer-posting racket.

12 Jan 2020 7:28 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Kerala CM’s quandary

The abrupt departure of Mr Joshi and Mr Kaushik is exacerbated by the reluctance of other senior officials to serve in their positions.

05 Jan 2020 3:04 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Kaam Wapsi by senior officers?

Indian Economic Service (IES) officers have long felt ignored, overshadowed by the mighty IAS officers.

29 Dec 2019 1:06 AM


Dilli Ka Babu: The Gujarat syndrome

The Modi sarkar has been weeding out “deadwood” in the bureaucracy at a fair pace.

22 Dec 2019 1:16 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: J&K babus in a spot

The Narendra Modi sarkar has got the “heaven born” on the backfoot.

15 Dec 2019 12:30 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Modi sarkar’s ‘double faults’

The Northeast has been marked out for special attention by the Modi sarkar.

08 Dec 2019 7:21 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Finance Ministry may get new faces

The IPS officers, however, blame their IAS colleagues in the ministry for their alleged “bias” and creating controversy.

01 Dec 2019 7:21 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: TN Seshan - The babu who roared

Seshan’s stint at the environment ministry from 1985 to 1988, especially needs mention.

17 Nov 2019 12:44 AM


Dilli Ka Babu: Is deputation to the Centre losing its lustre?

Rajesh Kumar Singh, an IAS officer who was sacked, has surfaced after 17 years to reclaim his job and get his dismissal revoked.

12 Nov 2019 2:58 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Recipe for repatriation

Some politicians are insisting that the NRC coordinator should not be transferred until he explains how “each and every penny was spent”.

03 Nov 2019 1:30 AM

Call for separate Arunachal cadre

Khandu’s main gripe is that officials sent from Delhi to serve in Arunachal Pradesh come for a short duration.

27 Oct 2019 12:17 AM

Niti CEO puts the pedal to the metal

From time to time, the Uttar Pradesh government is bitten by the austerity bug.

20 Oct 2019 12:10 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Major overhaul in the offing

The AGMUT division deals with all legislative and constitutional matters relating to Union territories, including Delhi.

13 Oct 2019 12:51 AM


Dilli Ka Babu: IPs-capf tussle on MHA adviser’s exit

According to sources, CAPF officers had been accusing him of allegedly favouring the IPS officers in service-related matters.

06 Oct 2019 4:43 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Mysterious reshuffle

It was said that Ms Banerjee would request the Centre to send Mr Chaudhari to Kolkata to replace the outgoing chief secretary Malay Kumar De.

29 Sep 2019 7:21 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: ‘Rebels’ with a cause quit IAS

Not surprisingly, given the charged political atmosphere, the resignations have set off a political controversy.

22 Sep 2019 3:02 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Clean-up time

The campaign against corruption in the administration is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s bid to reform the bureaucracy in the public interest.

15 Sep 2019 12:05 AM

Dilli Ka Babu: Article 370 nixes MEA meet

The decision to call off the meeting was reportedly taken a couple of weeks after Article 370 was nullified.

08 Sep 2019 7:53 AM