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Mumbai lawyer held for assaulting pregnant wife, killing unborn child

Victim, who hails from Delhi and is also a practising lawyer, got married to man some months back and shifted to his residence at Colaba.

04 Jul 2018 2:40 PM

Abortion not tied to increased risk of depression, says study

Women who had abortion were 54 per cent more likely to take antidepressants in year after procedure than women who didn’t have abortions.

06 Jun 2018 8:20 AM

Court allows woman to abort foetus

The report stated that foetus has a serious hernia due to which the child could die after birth.

25 May 2018 3:06 AM

In a first, UK woman tricks teenage daughter to travel to Pak, marry older man

The girl was betrothed to a man 16 years her senior on a visit to Pakistan when she was 13.

23 May 2018 12:44 PM

Church and religion take back seat as a secular Ireland votes on abortion

Ireland was once one of Europe’s most socially conservative and staunchly Catholic countries.

10 May 2018 8:55 PM


Abortion of foetus suffering from myriad diseases allowed

The court directed JJ hospital doctors to terminate pregnancy and to file a detailed report.

07 May 2018 1:37 AM

New test raises concern over sex-selective abortions in India, China

Experts fear pin-prick test could fuel a 'genocide' of female babies.

26 Apr 2018 4:22 PM

Mississippi moves closer to banning abortions after 15 weeks

Americans tend to split roughly down the middle on abortion access.

28 Feb 2018 12:17 PM

Kerala woman forced to undergo abortion after CPI(M) leader kicks her

Seven people have been arrested in connection with the case, whereas the main accused is still absconding.

15 Feb 2018 11:19 AM

India has 21 million 'unwanted' girls

Families where a son is born are more likely to stop having children than families where a girl is born.

29 Jan 2018 8:53 PM


Some teens more likely to undergo abortion: study

Research shows there is an association between mothers and daughters in the timing of a first pregnancy ending in a live birth.

29 Jan 2018 6:43 PM

New Ohio law bans Down Syndrome abortions

The law has been introduced in a bid to promote the lives of people with Down syndrome as lives worth living.

25 Dec 2017 12:40 PM

Half of all pregnancies in India unintended: Lancet study

Women in India face considerable challenges trying to obtain abortion care, researchers say.

14 Dec 2017 2:51 PM

New Zealand space launch aborted from remote launch site

There was no immediate explanation for the launch attempt being called off.

13 Dec 2017 7:39 AM

Bombay HC allows rape victim to abort 26-week foetus

A division bench of Justice Shantanu Kemkar and Justice Girish Kulkarni was hearing both cases.

06 Dec 2017 1:18 AM


Doctors shocked to find stone baby in woman's abdomen 15 years after abortion

The woman had been suffering from abdominal pain since 15 years and has continous vomiting for three years.

01 Dec 2017 6:06 PM

Odisha: Man forces wife to sleep with director for film role

The woman alleged her husband of putting pressure and forcing her to spend the night with a film director to get an opportunity in an Odia film.

26 Nov 2017 6:14 AM

Brazil may ban all abortions even in cases of rape victims, danger to mother's life

Abortion is illegal in Brazil, home to the world's largest Catholic community, except when pregnancy is due to rape.

22 Nov 2017 5:10 PM

Bombay HC allows woman to abort abnormal foetus

The 28-year-old mother had approached the court after multiple fatal abnormalities were found in the sonography report.

07 Nov 2017 5:35 AM

Consent of husband not needed for abortion: SC

Husband can’t force wife to continue pregnancy.

28 Oct 2017 12:14 AM