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Sikh man in US abused, called 'terrorist', eatery looted

When he came to work, the victim found 'terrorist' and the 'N' word written on the front wall.

25 Jan 2017 4:23 PM

Watch: Indian-origin blind man in UK puts camera on dog to film abuse

The dog was getting hit by peoples' bags and she was getting a lot of abuse.

06 Jan 2017 5:26 PM

Lawyer assaults wife, phone video goes viral

The wife of the lawyer has alleged that she was beaten up because she could not conceive a son.

16 Dec 2016 1:26 AM

Abuse against differently abled high in US

The investigation found at least 42 deaths linked to abuse and neglect in group homes or their day programs over the last seven years.

21 Nov 2016 4:12 PM