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AA Edit | Let society evolve; resist return of regressive laws

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has time and again spoken about getting rid of the colonial laws

16 Nov 2023 12:00 AM

Women & Infidelity

Nearly four out of 10 women in India feel flirting with strangers leads to greater intimacy with husbands.

01 May 2019 2:26 AM

Public protests against archaic anti-gay laws

Dozens protest in London against Brunei's anti-gay laws.

07 Apr 2019 12:27 PM

New sharia laws in Brunei for adultery and gay sex

Brunei introduces death by stoning for adultery, gay sex.

03 Apr 2019 10:07 AM

‘Won’t allow homosexuality in Indian Army,’ says Gen Bipin Rawat

When asked about SC ruling on adultery, Army Chief said. 'We can't allow it to perpetrate into the Army.'

10 Jan 2019 3:26 PM


Most world goes easy on adultery

Adultery is more of a moral crime than a legal crime in China.

23 Dec 2018 5:52 AM

Unscrupulous forays

Is the sanctity of marriage being sacrificed in the name of freedom giving one the license to indulge in flings outside marriage?

18 Oct 2018 12:22 AM

‘Decriminalising adultery to add to pain of women’

Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury agreed with her. “This is like criminalising the triple talaq law.

28 Sep 2018 6:19 AM

Lawyers, activists welcome SC verdict on adultery; some raise concern too

A 5-judge Constitution bench was unanimous in striking down Section 497 of IPC dealing with adultery, holding it manifestly arbitrary

27 Sep 2018 5:18 PM

New notions of freedom, adultery needed

As women struggled and society changed, law had to respond, but often the response was still archaic.

26 Aug 2018 6:24 AM


Time to decriminalise adultery

The government’s view is that scrapping Article 497 will take away the meaning of marriage.

04 Aug 2018 1:41 AM

Married women have ‘sexual autonomy’ like right to say ‘no’, says SC

A woman, living in an almost broken relationship, does not lose her sexual autonomy just because she was married, top court said.

03 Aug 2018 4:06 PM

Adultery law violates right to equality, treats married men and women differently: SC

Top court said it would see if the provision can stand test of right to equality on grounds like 'discretion and manifest arbitrariness'.

02 Aug 2018 6:15 PM

Children of cheating parents more likely to cheat: Study

All hope is not lost and one is not destined to be a cheater as this is just one factor that leads to infidelity.

24 Jan 2018 4:02 PM

More to infidelity than simply sowing your oats

Most of the women adulterers cited ignorance or neglect in their primary relationship as the main reason for cheating.

23 Jan 2018 10:24 AM


Adultery under the lens

By definition, the term adultery covers any extramarital incidence of sexual intercourse.

15 Dec 2017 12:01 AM

Divorce cases on a rise due to affairs on social media platforms

Experts cite couples conducting affairs with as many as five people online to be one of the key reasons.

23 Oct 2017 11:11 AM

Ashley Madison parent in $11.2 million settlement over data breach

Ashley Madison marketed itself as a means to help people, primarily men, cheat on their spouses.

17 Jul 2017 12:16 PM

Extra marital sex in elderly the new trend?

While it is easy to assume it is common in elderly since they have been married for longer time, the trend has just picked up since 2000.

14 Jul 2017 9:24 AM

Lahore High Court allows Christians to divorce without adultery allegation

The court restored Section 7 of the Christian Divorce Act 1869 that enables a couple to approach a court of law for dissolution of marriage.

20 Jun 2017 12:17 PM