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Trade the millennial way with India's top broking Apps

We bring out to you the top 5 mobile-based discount broking applications with details on their features and expediency.

26 Feb 2020 9:00 AM

Google explains why its apps don't work on your Huawei device

Google is prohibited from working with the company on new device models or provide apps for preload or download on these devices.

24 Feb 2020 7:52 AM

Google Play Store removes 600 apps over mobile ad fraud

Nearly 600 apps have been removed from the Google Play Store and banned from ad monetisation platforms over mobile ad fraud.

22 Feb 2020 7:18 AM

4 apps to help office-goers sail through commuting chaos

Here are 4 apps to solve your daily commute woes.

14 Feb 2020 6:37 AM

5 apps simplifying adaptive learning

Best-of-breed systems capture fine-grained data and use learning analytics to enable human tailoring of responses.

13 Feb 2020 1:33 PM


This Valentine’s Day, ditch the clichéd candle light dinner and try these apps

These apps will allow you a fun time with your bae.

13 Feb 2020 7:56 AM

China rolls out 'close contact' app for coronavirus

The close contact detector app allows users to scan a QR code via mobile apps like Alipay, WeChat or QQ to make an inquiry.

13 Feb 2020 7:18 AM

WhatsApp amasses a whopping 2 billion users

Earlier today, WhatsApp has officially announced that it has reached two billion users the world over.

13 Feb 2020 7:09 AM

Helo launches 2nd season of #FridayFever show; offers entertainment like never before

The show features ‘Malang’ star cast in the first episode.

11 Feb 2020 2:19 PM

The Fast Five: 5 apps that support your active city life!

Here are five apps that you must not delete from your phones as they support your active city life.

08 Feb 2020 11:26 AM


Instagram makes it easier to manage people you follow

You can sort this list based on your interaction such as liking their posts or reacting to stories by these accounts.

08 Feb 2020 8:14 AM

WhatsApp Dark Mode arrives

The dark mode is available for users in the app's TestFlight beta program.

08 Feb 2020 7:15 AM

Tinder struck big

Tinder made USD 1.2 billion in 2019.

07 Feb 2020 7:11 AM

VMate enters into top 5 breakout social media app category

The platform has been very active throughout the year where it has conducted several successful campaigns.

23 Jan 2020 10:12 AM

Warning! These 30 top Android camera apps may be secretly spying on you

These camera apps with billions of downloads may be stealing your personal data and infecting them with malware.

21 Jan 2020 9:23 AM


TikTok surpasses Facebook as the second most downloaded app in 2019

TikTok's majority of downloads came from India, accounting for 44 per cent of the overall figure.

18 Jan 2020 7:29 AM

Google is killing Chrome Apps

Starting in March 2020, Chrome Web Store will no longer accept new applications.

17 Jan 2020 8:38 AM

Startups engaging consumers via users interactive app

Startups have started using gamification features to engage their consumers and use their loyalty points through the win.

13 Jan 2020 11:54 AM

Malicious app spreads fake reviews thanks to in-app accessibility service abuse

Kaspersky researchers detected a Trojan application that terrorises users with unsolicited advertisements.

13 Jan 2020 7:47 AM

Apps changing the face Digital Content Marketing through vernacular content

From writing to video/audio content, here are the fastest growing regional content startups of 2019.

11 Jan 2020 12:27 PM