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Collectors and dealers descend on Hong Kong for annual Art Basel

Chinese buyers have been a huge boon to the global art market

27 Mar 2018 8:03 PM

University education makes students more agreeable: study

University education has positive effects on extraversion, reversing downward sloping population trend in outward orientation as people age.

17 Mar 2018 2:36 PM

Rockefeller's Picasso could be part of biggest art collection ever sold

Billionaire banker David Rockefeller and a group of collectors purchased Stein’s art in 1968, drawing lots for the works they would keep.

15 Mar 2018 4:14 PM

Teabags make for an unusual canvas!

The paintings are inspired by various destinations across the world.

12 Mar 2018 8:06 PM

Mixology - art and science at play in a glass

Indian palette has always been spice driven and we all know the history of spices.

11 Mar 2018 4:17 PM


Mumbai-based designer wins Kashish 2018 International Poster Contest

Designer Wendell Rodricks who judged the contest says winning design is ''minimal and forceful''.

06 Mar 2018 11:20 AM

Louvre brings 'unprecedented' show to Tehran

The show reflects France´s determined use of cultural diplomacy as it seeks to rebuild traditional ties with Iran

05 Mar 2018 8:56 PM

Art beat: Living on the canvas

The internet has liberated the art business a bit from the earlier stranglehold of a few, but it has still far, far to go.

05 Mar 2018 1:56 AM

Iran acid attack victims find new identity in art

A spate of attacks in 2014 triggered protests and claims the culprits were targeting women wearing "immodest" clothing.

03 Mar 2018 11:37 AM

Collect some uranium glass for that peaceful glow

Members appreciate its soft color and distinctive glow.

20 Feb 2018 4:27 PM


Tech is new canvas for art

Art and technology are coming together as artists fuel their creativity with tech tonic.

19 Feb 2018 6:51 AM

Shombit Sengupta gets featured in prestigious Paris exhibition

Sengupta is best known as artist who started experimenting with a new style in the mid-1990s which he eventually termed as Gesturism Art.

17 Feb 2018 11:58 AM

Painting about myth, reality and stories

Artist Seema Kohli’s recently concluded exhibition saw her taking inspiration from Bhagavad Gita.

15 Feb 2018 7:55 PM

Painting subconscious energy on canvas

The present series in acrylic colours on canvas reveals his perceptions about the ‘Energy’ prevalent in a sensitive soul and spirits.

13 Feb 2018 1:21 PM

Obamas reveal unconventional portraits in Washington

The paintings by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald show their subjects looking cool and confident.

13 Feb 2018 9:36 AM


Authentication is not a blackmail tool

Several cases have come up when even families have been faking works in the name of the illustrious painter ancestor.

08 Feb 2018 6:44 AM

Dog gets hired for important job at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Riley, a Weimaraner puppy, has been hired by the museum to sniff out insects and other pests

16 Jan 2018 1:35 PM

Google's new app helps you find your alter ego

The app prompts you to take a selfie and then shows the closest matches, according to Google.

16 Jan 2018 10:06 AM

Manhole art attempts to give sewers in Japan a different image

Veteran spotter Shoji Morimoto's passion for covers was fuelled after noticing that the city of Fukui sported two phoenixes on its manholes.

14 Jan 2018 3:41 PM

Scientists create mini pill to release weekly dose of HIV medicine

Tiny device is latest attempt to make it easier for people on medication for chronic illnesses, including those infected with the AIDS.

10 Jan 2018 8:25 AM