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Need to give push to reforms with human face: Venkaiah Naidu

Fifty six lakh people have joined the ranks of Income Tax payees post exercise by government last year.

22 Nov 2017 8:12 PM

Job outlook dim: Assocham

Cites India Inc’s focus on rationalisation of costs as primary reason.

20 Nov 2017 1:22 AM

Bring realty under GST with stamp duty, moderate rate: Assocham

Assocham official also expressed his views on whether petroleum, electricity and alcohol should be brought under the GST.

14 Nov 2017 3:59 PM

GST, demonetisation may impact Indian wedding market: Assocham

Study says services like marriage hall and tent booking, confectionery services, and photography will be impacted.

24 Oct 2017 11:57 AM

Hit by DeMo-GST, corporates slash gifts by 35-40 per cent: Assocham

Disruptions arising out of demonetisation and roll out issues of the GST too have affected overall sentiment.

18 Oct 2017 2:47 PM


Sentiments led to poor sale: Survey

Traders fear sales may dip by upto 50 per cent.

18 Oct 2017 3:33 AM

UP govt must set up special team to monitor projects: Assocham

A study by Assocham suggested that 606 projects worth over Rs 6 lakh crore were under implementation in UP.

05 Oct 2017 2:49 PM

60 per cent parents satisfied with Delhi govt schools

Installation of CCTVs, deployment of security guards were key reasons mentioned for parents’ satisfaction.

05 Oct 2017 1:58 AM

Molestation worrisome, need confidence-building measures, says Assocham

The fear of law must be instilled among those who are prone to commit heinous crime, it added.

02 Oct 2017 4:36 PM

Govt should relax fiscal deficit targets, boost expenditure: Assocham

It said India Inc is looking up to the government to take the 'out of ordinary' measures to accelerate growth.

01 Oct 2017 2:32 PM


Frequent hikes in tax disrupting, says Assocham

It noted if the prices are market determined, the retail prices should have been less than Rs 40 a litre.

18 Sep 2017 4:04 AM

Waive certain taxes for cos in insolvency proceeding: Assocham

Non-performing loan resolution process is going on for 12 companies and this represent 25 per cent of total bad loans in the system NPLs.

13 Sep 2017 4:11 PM

Promoters not ready to cede control: Survey

Trust deficit and the family pre-dominance were the two of the main factors coming in the way of transformation of India Inc.

11 Sep 2017 6:36 AM

India needs to build local cyber security tools

Businesses need to be proactive and not just comply, says study.

07 Sep 2017 7:49 AM

Indian handset market surges, records 350 million sales in 2017

Robust growths of the handset market has been pivotal in growth of various industries such as retail, manufacturing, IT, etc.

08 Aug 2017 3:57 PM


Higher rupee value hurting exporters

Pace of exports is declining, says Assocham.

07 Aug 2017 2:06 AM

Difference between values of rupee hurting exporters: ASSOCHAM

The external value of the Indian rupee has been superseding its internal strength despite lower inflation.

06 Aug 2017 5:50 PM

'Rs 8 lakh crore NPAs may face bankruptcy proceedings by Mar 2019'

NPAs are a big drain on the financial health of banks especially public sector banks.

16 Jul 2017 4:40 PM

Insolvency code defines judicial and commercial aspects

IBC has put commercial aspects in hands of stakeholders, judicial aspects with tribunal, said IBBI chairperson.

15 Jul 2017 6:43 PM

GST saves transportation time, cost, says Assocham

GST is saving trucking time on trunk routes, connecting top cities, besides saving fleet owners Rs 5,000-7,500 per trip.

10 Jul 2017 8:41 PM