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Crypto's New World Order: Who's Rising to the Top in 2024?

Emerging trends and key players shaping the 2024 crypto landscape, from DeFi to CBDCs and influential figures like Lavish Choudhary

15 Mar 2024 6:39 PM

Telangana keen to explore blockchain technology's applications in remote voting

Blockchain tech would provide a secure system whereby voters can cast their votes remotely, without the risk of privacy breaches.

11 Aug 2020 4:51 PM

Wanna find out what this Bitcoin business is all about? Everything you need to know explained here

Bitcoin miners will soon get only half the bitcoins for validating transactions. Find out what that means and how it all works.

07 May 2020 8:14 PM

These technologies will change the way we live in the next decade

What will come in the next 10 years will supersede a lot of what came in fifty years earlier.

13 Nov 2019 8:51 AM

China studying blockchain application for forex

The comment by Lu Lei, comes as Facebook’s plan for its Libra digital currency project stirs global interest in the sector.

28 Oct 2019 10:49 AM


China studying blockchain application for forex

China’s parliament on Saturday passed a new law on cryptography, as the country gears up to launch its own digital currency.

28 Oct 2019 7:31 AM

Blockchain launches cryptocurrency exchange with trades at high speed

Launched in 2011 as a cryptocurrency wallet and headquartered in London, Blockchain has raised USD 70 million from investors.

31 Jul 2019 9:09 AM

27 Qualifying Teams Compete at Conduent Blockchain Hackathon Finale

First of the global hackathon series on blockchain received 1276 registrations from across India.

26 Jun 2019 5:37 PM

Facebook in talks with US derivatives regulator over digital currency plans

Facebook set up a financial technology company in Switzerland focusing on blockchain and payments.

03 Jun 2019 12:58 PM

Microsoft rolls out new cloud services for AI, blockchain

Microsoft released the tools ahead of its software developer conference next week in Seattle.

03 May 2019 9:27 AM


NPCI mulls using blockchain solution to strengthen digital payments

Promoted by 10 banks in India under the aegis of the IBA, NPCI aims to become the "best payments network globally".

14 Apr 2019 2:24 PM

CallHealth, ThynkBlynk launch India’s first cross industry immutable data-interchange

Aims to integrate secure and reliable Healthcare Data for millions of patients and healthcare providers.

29 Mar 2019 5:25 PM

Top trending technologies for programmers to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow

In order to survive and thrive in the digitally-evolving world, individuals need to possess the knowledge of various technologies.

19 Mar 2019 4:09 PM

Tanla launches blockchain-enabled commercial communication stack TRUBLOQ

TRAI seeks to converge technology and policy, using emerging technologies such as AI, ML.

28 Feb 2019 11:29 AM

Tech Mahindra, TBCASoft to support cross-carrier blockchain for telecom operators

Leading carriers recognize the value of the consortium-based Cross-Carrier Blockchain.

28 Feb 2019 10:01 AM


World’s first blockchain phone shown off at MWC

Pundi X has successfully created a blockchain-based OS and communication protocol for mobile devices.

27 Feb 2019 4:08 PM

Technologies that one must be skilled in to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow

Technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning have made great strides in the recent past.

26 Feb 2019 6:10 PM

Company donates USD 2 million for cryptocurrency technology

The university says in a news release that the donation from Ripple will provide USD 400,000 each year for five years.

12 Feb 2019 11:09 AM

Swiss exchange SIX to launch blockchain

The new SIX Digital Exchange (SDX) will initially run parallel to the existing SIX platform.

07 Feb 2019 10:04 AM

Blockchain startups to look out for in 2019

Indian blockchain start ups that are making news for the good reasons.

04 Feb 2019 6:34 PM