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border wall

Trump's return policy for asylum seekers blocked by US judge

A US federal judge on Monday blocked President Donald Trump's policy of returning asylum seekers to Mexico.

09 Apr 2019 9:50 AM

Pentagon authorises USD 1 billion to build Trump-proposed wall

Shanahan has authorized commander of US Army Corps of Engineers to begin planning and execution.

26 Mar 2019 8:33 AM

'Proud' Donald Trump issues first veto after rebuke of border security

Donald Trump issued the first veto of his presidency, overruling Congress to protect his emergency declaration for border wall funding.

16 Mar 2019 8:24 AM

Trump, Pelosi clash over State of the Union Address

US President Donald Trump and Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi exchanged barbs and letters.

24 Jan 2019 10:58 AM

Trump wants people to come to US on merit, insists on building wall

President Donald Trump on Thursday said that he wants people to come to America based on merit.

24 Jan 2019 10:06 AM


Trump offers protection to immigrants in exchange for border wall

The shutdown, the longest in US history entered its 29th day.

20 Jan 2019 11:29 AM

‘Big, beautiful’ walls don’t stop migrants in the US or Europe

Trump has said his wall will be “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful”, and will run for about 1,600km.

20 Feb 2017 7:50 PM

Mexico president rejects Trump's border wall

Trump’s order came the same day Mexico’s foreign relations and economy secretaries arrived in Washington for talks.

26 Jan 2017 11:49 AM

Trump signs order to build Mexico border wall to stem illegal immigration

He said the two executive orders will save thousands of lives, millions of jobs, and billions and billions of dollars.

26 Jan 2017 9:16 AM

Mexico would pay for wall on the border: Trump

Donald Trump said, his administration would immediately move ahead with its plan to construct a wall along the southern Mexico border.

12 Jan 2017 1:14 PM


Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance

The team also asked about the department's capacity for expanding immigrant detention and about an aerial surveillance program.

03 Jan 2017 6:42 PM