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Theresa May scampers for solutions to Brexit

Britain holds talks with MPs after no-trust vote, Oppn leader rejects talks.

19 Jan 2019 6:47 AM

A Brexit tragedy is unfolding

The “winners” constitute at the most four per cent of the total population of the UK.

19 Jan 2019 12:10 AM

Deal or not, Brexit is end of globalisation

The truism that “no man is an island” and not even an island can isolate itself from the world applies to Britain today.

18 Jan 2019 12:00 AM

May wins confidence vote, calls on MPs to work together to deliver Brexit

Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after the voting, May said the government has won the confidence of Parliament.

17 Jan 2019 8:24 AM

UK Parliament rejects May’s Brexit plan in historic and humiliating vote

The motion was tabled by opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who wants to force a general election.

17 Jan 2019 5:18 AM


How Europe reacted to Brexit deal defeat

Leaders of other european countries shared their views on the matter

16 Jan 2019 1:53 PM

May faces vote of no confidence: How will it work?

The vote was called by main opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

16 Jan 2019 10:41 AM

Decision time as British MPs vote on Brexit deal

Few expect the deal to pass

15 Jan 2019 10:55 AM

British PM Theresa May loses key vote on Brexit procedure in Parliament

The contentious amendment was passed by 308 votes in favour to 297 against it.

09 Jan 2019 8:51 PM

In a freezing UK, worries about food shortages if there’s a ‘no-deal Brexit’

All the contenders for the PM’s post are waiting to see what happens with Theresa May and Brexit.

07 Jan 2019 1:04 AM


UK Cabinet to consider 'no-deal' Brexit preparations

May’s govt. had been taking the prospect of no deal seriously for a while, but that it was ‘right and proper’ to prepare for a disorderly Brexit.

18 Dec 2018 4:55 PM

Theresa May slams Tony Blair for Brexit meddling by pitching for second referendum

May accused Tony Blair’s intervention as an "insult" to the office of Prime Minister which he once held.

17 Dec 2018 4:05 PM

May survives, problems stay

Brexiters had only a four per cent lead in numbers at a time when all the implications of a divorce weren’t known.

14 Dec 2018 12:05 AM

Christmas at the time of Brexit, as Paris burns

his is certainly not either a peaceful or a jolly season, but for the world of commerce, the cash registers are the gods to worship.

10 Dec 2018 12:05 AM

EU leaders seal Brexit deal, urge Britons to back PM Theresa May

PM May will now have to see the deal through British parliament amid fierce resistance from both supporters and opponents of Brexit.

25 Nov 2018 5:12 PM


'Save our Brexit': In letter to UK, Theresa May asks people to back her

In her letter, May urged Britons to start new era of political unity when it leaves EU on March 29, 2019.

25 Nov 2018 10:28 AM

Theresa May gives way over Gibraltar after ‘threat’

The development threatens, however, to open up a new front in Downing Street’s battle with the critics of May’s deal.

25 Nov 2018 1:52 AM

Age of anxiety: Good times, bad times

The world as a whole during the last three quarters of a century after World War II has seen “the best of times”.

25 Nov 2018 12:58 AM

UK: Brexit Minister Dominic Raab resigns, thrusts PM May's govt into turmoil

'I cannot reconcile the terms of the proposed deal with the promises we made to the country in our manifesto at the last election,' he said.

15 Nov 2018 3:28 PM

Pickpockets in London’s subway

This may be the time for all oppressed women and men working for MPs to come together — and collectively fight the system!

29 Oct 2018 12:05 AM