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‘Spirits’ do emerge at midnight: one of two brothers residing in Burari house

‘People react strangely to our decision to move here. I have seen many get scared when they realise that we live here,’ Ahmed Ali said.

26 Jun 2019 4:01 PM

Burari deaths: 3 of 10 family members may have tried to free themselves

'Post-mortem reports of 11 family members say that they died due to ante-mortem hanging. Reports support suicide theory,' police said.

14 Jul 2018 12:53 PM

‘All 11 family members died due to hanging’

The post-mortem reports of the 11 family members say that they died due to ante-mortem hanging. The reports support the suicide theory.

13 Jul 2018 6:31 AM

Burari horror: Diary notes spoke of ‘wandering souls’

Diary also revealed family might not celebrate next Diwali.

12 Jul 2018 3:16 AM

Cops go through events to establish ‘outside’ role

It revealed that each member of the Chudawat household was assigned a specific task for the havan preceding their deaths.

08 Jul 2018 5:41 AM


Mobile library services gets 15 more vans

The DPL was set up on October 27, 1951 by Unesco and the Centre to cultivate reading habit among ruralities.

07 Jul 2018 6:08 AM

CCTV shows how Delhi's Burari family organised their own hanging

CCTV footage has established that there is no role of an outsider in the deaths, says report.

04 Jul 2018 10:02 PM

Here's what boy who delivered rotis to family in Delhi before hangings says

The Bhatia family placed an order for 20 rotis at 10:30 pm and the boy deliver it at 10:45 pm.

04 Jul 2018 9:18 PM

In Delhi family deaths, diary notes help police uncover chilling details

Police said the 2 registers found at a temple inside the house had notes mentioning 'salvation', 'badh tapasya' and 'shunya'.

03 Jul 2018 8:57 AM

11 bodies, 11 pipes: Shocking details behind mass death in Delhi's Burari

Investigators have come across 11 pipes from wall of house, all placed close together, having no water outlet.

02 Jul 2018 6:40 PM


3 dead, 5 injured after people in car open fire in Delhi's Burari area

Three people have been injured in a firing in Delhi's Burari area.

18 Jun 2018 11:53 AM