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Burial of Covid postive’s body poses no risk: Jamiat

The application contended that burial of dead bodies is essential to religion of Islam as well as in other religions including Christianity

03 May 2020 10:49 AM

'Vampire burial' of child with malaria discovered

The skeletal remains, uncovered by archaeologists included a skull with a rock intentionally inserted into the mouth.

16 Oct 2018 9:26 AM

Stephen Hawking's final resting place to be Westminster Abbey

Sir Isaac Newton was buried in the Abbey in 1727 while Charles Darwin was buried beside Newton in 1882.

21 Mar 2018 10:30 AM

New tests at Jesus' presumed tomb back traditional beliefs

Study is consistent with the historical belief that the Romans built a monument there some 300 years after his death.

29 Nov 2017 9:54 AM

Green burials are the new 'way to go'

Recent trend sees people opting for eco-friendly modes of getting buried

20 Jun 2017 11:51 AM


UK mosques refuse burial of Manchester suicide bomber

Councils, funeral directors and Mosques in Manchester have refused to bury Abedi's body.

31 May 2017 8:46 PM