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cannes film festival

"See the world through my lens," says fashion photographer Nima Samiee

Born in Iran and brought up by his passion at Milano, he has seen the cultural shift of demands between people having different core values

24 Aug 2021 10:10 PM

Spike Lee to be a jury head of 2020 Cannes Film Festival

Lee's appointment as Cannes jury head comes a day after Academy Awards were criticised for lack of diversity in its nominations.

14 Jan 2020 11:37 AM

Making waves at Cannes Film Festival

Modhura Palit from Kolkata becomes the first Indian to receive Angenieux encouragemet award at the Cannes Film Festival 2019.

04 Jun 2019 12:05 AM

Cannes overlooks stronger movies, actors as it announces 1st round of awards

Talent matters, of course. But loyalty counts for a lot, especially because Cannes’ rules demand a huge sacrifice.

26 May 2019 1:20 PM

Cannes 2019: Two legends, two cautionary tales

British director Kapadia’s third and last instalment in a trilogy about child prodigies who struggled with fame.

21 May 2019 7:07 PM


The less glamorous side of Cannes Film Festival: Environmental hazard

The Cannes Film Festival hides a less glamorous reality of ‘huge environmental mess’.

21 May 2019 9:00 AM

Cannes 2019: Terrence Malick’s ‘conscientious objector’ brings hope on a hopeless day

Malick's 'A Hidden Life' stars Bruno Ganz, the Swiss actor who portrayed Adolf Hitler in Downfall (2004).

20 May 2019 6:41 PM

Gender equality under scrutiny at Cannes film festival

Women honoured at Cannes, as gender parity drive draws scrutiny.

20 May 2019 11:49 AM

Diana Penty sparkles the red carpet at Cannes

Diana Penty dressed to kill in Cannes red carpet debut.

20 May 2019 9:30 AM

Demonstration at the Cannes Film festival to legalise abortion

On the marches in Cannes, mobilisation to defend ‘safe and free’ abortion.

20 May 2019 8:00 AM


Cannes 2019: 2 master directors, one reminiscing, the other seething

Among the 21 films in competition, six are by master directors, all of whom are also old Cannes loyalists and favourites.

19 May 2019 1:52 PM

First black female director to compete for the Palme d'Or

Meet Mati Diop – The first black female director in to be competing in the prestigious Cannes competition category ever.

18 May 2019 6:42 PM

Pavilion to showcase Indian cinema at Cannes Film Festival

During the festival, the Indian delegation will be interacting with the key stakeholders of Cannes as well as other members of the film fraternity.

15 May 2019 1:17 AM

At Cannes, loyalty and friendship trumps all

The 72nd Festival de Cannes that kicked off with The Dead Don’t Die, a zombie film, on Tuesday evening.

14 May 2019 5:44 PM

Kangana Ranaut looks for break at Cannes

Kangana Ranaut has also been working on losing weight to attend the Cannes Film Festival where she is expected to dress in a saree.

14 May 2019 12:01 AM


Cannes Film Festival’s crazy boost to the local economy

With everyone looking to make a quick buck, here is how the Cannes Film Festival accounts for nearly a sixth of the annual hospitality turnover.

13 May 2019 8:06 PM

Saree gets a modern twist

Bored of wearing this nine-yard fabric in the traditional manner? Then try this new version.

29 May 2018 12:57 AM

Aishwarya’s fashionable Cannes journey

From 2002 to 2018, the actress has slayed the red carpet at Cannes after a few initial misses. we take a look.

27 May 2018 1:41 AM

Red carpet conundrum

We get experts to give their take on a current issue each week and lend their perspective on a much-discussed topic.

20 May 2018 12:10 AM

Sridevi honoured at the Cannes, Subhash Ghai accepts honour on her family’s behalf

Veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai and producer Namrata Goyal received the award on behalf of Sridevi's family.

18 May 2018 1:29 PM