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Carbon nanotubes the answer to making efficient batteries: Study

Nanotube films effectively stops dendrites that grow from unprotected lithium metal anodes in batteries

29 Oct 2018 10:32 AM

New concrete formula for long-lasting roads, bridges

Regular concrete will have a strength of about 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi) - that is maybe the weight of an SUV on every square inch.

07 May 2018 3:33 PM

MIT claims that limitless nuclear fusion energy could soon be available

MIT has developed a device called Sparc to help with this goal.

13 Mar 2018 11:34 AM

Microwaves 'alone' emit as much carbon dioxide as 7 mn cars: Study

This is despite the fact that microwaves spend more than 90 percent of their lifetime being idle.

18 Jan 2018 12:01 PM

Plants emit 30 per cent more carbon than thought: study

Such increases may lower the future ability of global vegetation to offset carbon dioxide emissions caused by burning of fossil fuels. 

18 Nov 2017 1:38 PM


Waste toilet-paper can be used to generate electricity, says study

Researchers say the process could tackle the problems of overflowing municipal landfills and dependency on fossil fuels.

18 Sep 2017 7:59 AM

Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' spent by August 2: report

The equivalent of 1.7 planets would be required to produce enough to meet humanity's needs at current consumption rates.

02 Aug 2017 8:31 AM