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Saeed Naqvi | When it comes to politeness, culture, is South now ahead of North?

Not only is there no evidence of Urdu promoted except under the Nizam, there are prodigious works in Malayalam or Tamil by Muslim scholars

19 Jun 2023 12:46 AM

Book Review | A refreshingly original fiction on power of ragas

The short easy read is a mere 137 pages, but laudably, refreshingly original.

04 Jun 2023 12:41 AM

DC Edit | Adieu to Telugu film legend

In his passing, India has lost a great storyteller and filmmaker and a warm soul

04 Feb 2023 1:13 AM

East meets west and south in music

Hyd-based band The Malcolm Project has come up with an Urdu track, Moutjza, blending rock music with Carnatic fusion

05 Aug 2020 4:45 PM

Pride and prejudice in a percussion tradition

Caste dynamics also change over time, showing up this book as an outstanding work by a gifted musician.

16 Feb 2020 2:41 AM


‘Politics is my existence’: TMK

The most socially and politically disconnected cinema is Bollywood.

27 Jun 2019 1:30 AM

Scaling musical heights

Unnikrishnan KB an Indie musician talks about how such musicians still need to be recognised.

28 May 2019 12:30 AM

Carnatic and the core of it

Carnatic contemporary band Rasiga performs with an interesting blend of traditional and contemporary songs that will leave you wanting more.

02 Apr 2019 12:00 AM

Scintillating duet marks end of Shimla music festival

Purbayan what do you feel about jugalbandi concerts.

11 Oct 2018 12:58 AM

Rhythm divine: The 12-year-old whose bhajans broke the internet

But Soorya, as she is affectionately known, is a star in her own right, with her powerful, astonishingly mature voice.

08 Oct 2018 1:10 AM


Sound bites: Trolls haunt Christ in Carnatic

Krishna says music does not have religious boundaries.

20 Aug 2018 1:27 AM

Storm over Carnatic celebrities singing in praise of Jesus, Allah

Of course, there have also been several posts on the social media in supportive of the Carnatic musicians singing on Christ and Allah.

12 Aug 2018 5:59 AM

A hub of spirituality and culture

The Thyagarajaswami Temple in Thiruvarur is a popular pilgrimage spot.

12 Jun 2018 12:25 AM

Hitting a high note with Ambi Subramaniam

Ambi’s next big concert is at the Dover Lane Festival in Kolkata on January 23.

23 Jan 2018 1:12 AM

All that jazz and more

Peter Evans and Amirtha Kidambi talk about their love for jazz, their musical journey and more.

28 Aug 2017 12:22 AM


Whither Carnatic music?

Every system of music has its charm.

03 Jul 2017 1:40 AM

Taking Carnatic music to the North, and beyond

Flautist Shashank Subramanyam, who was a child prodigy in Carnatic music, is now taking lessons from Hindustani maestro Pandit Jasraj.

03 Jul 2017 1:36 AM

Let’s appreciate the difference between noise and music

The nadaswaram is a fascinating instrument.

10 Apr 2017 6:39 AM

Learning to listen

In the musical tradition that I grew up with, listening to music was the corner stone of the pedagogy in force.

12 Dec 2016 6:42 AM

Vetaran Carnatic musician M Balamuralikrishna passes away in Chennai

He had also played the role of ‘Narada Muni,’ in the cult Telugu movie ‘Bhakta Prahlada’.

22 Nov 2016 6:13 PM