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Trio win Nobel Chemistry Prize for research harnessing evolution

Arnold, just the fifth woman to win the Nobel Chemistry Prize, won one half of the nine million Swedish kronor.

03 Oct 2018 5:04 PM

Here's what you may not know about H2O

Water consists of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, but the hydrogen atoms are relatively mobile.

19 Aug 2018 6:03 PM

Syrian teen who took chemistry lessons on mobile gets Cambridge scholarship

Abdullah Kattineh, used a four-inch mobile phone to teach himself chemistry as his family in Damascus were unable to afford books.

29 May 2018 11:05 AM

Many cosmetics in Indian market contain microplastics or microbeads: Study

Microbeads have been recognized as a pollutant globally and are being banned in many countries but there has been little action in India.

30 Apr 2018 6:22 PM

Novel protein mat can soak up pollution: study

This opens the door to the creation of larger mats that could soak up toxic chemicals in places like war zones.

18 Mar 2018 2:46 PM


Plastic used to remove toxic dyes from water

This breakthrough will be of interest to water companies worldwide and the next stage will be to see how it might clean-up other pollutants.

15 Mar 2018 7:06 PM

Materials matter: Science that impacts society

We though nano electronics would have been the biggest, but now we find its nano medicine or regenerative engineering.

29 Oct 2017 2:13 AM

Fighting together: Rare sub-continental bond amidst fraught chemistry

The outcome of their research was published in Scientific Reports, a Nature Group publication, recently.

24 Jul 2017 1:43 AM

Kohinoor secret deep inside Earth

Diamonds form deep in the Earth’s mantle and shoot to the surface in minor volcanic eruptions of magma.

17 Dec 2016 5:24 AM

Tips and tricks: Preparing for next years JEE Main

For a three-hour paper with three subjects, students tend to give one hour to each subject.

08 Dec 2016 12:13 AM