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child health

COVID-19 impact may kill 8 lakh kids in South Asia: Unicef

The bulk of these would occur in India and Pakistan, although Bangladesh and Afghanistan will also be affected, a recent report say

24 Jun 2020 11:24 AM

Asthma harder to treat in children with anxiety

Asthmatic children with anxiety, depression likely to visit ER more.

26 Sep 2019 10:38 AM

Give children only these 3 drinks

One should be extremely cautious when it comes to children’s diet.

21 Sep 2019 7:42 PM

Paracetamol intake during pregnancy can be problematic

Paracetamol intake during pregnancy can lead to hyperactivity and attention disorders in children.

17 Sep 2019 7:23 PM

How to deal with your child’s obesity

Can putting your kid on a strict diet reduce obesity? Read on to find out.

14 Aug 2019 7:00 PM


Breastfeeding: Prevalent practice during ancient times

Breastfeeding practice by earliest ancestors explained.

17 Jul 2019 9:41 AM

School bags are a serious threat to the spine health

How much should your child's backpack weigh?

05 Jul 2019 9:32 AM

Tripura girl with head swollen to 3 times normal size, dies

Roona Begum’s family said she died Sunday at her home in a village in the remote northeast after complaining of breathlessness.

20 Jun 2017 6:25 PM

Here's how a child's health suffers due to a divorce

Children of separated parents are approximately more likely to have gastrointestinal, genitourinary, dermatological or neurological issues.

26 May 2017 10:24 AM

Kids can reduce diabetes risk with 10 min playtime daily

'All-out' workouts adding up to just 60 seconds within a ten minute session were shown to improve insulin sensitivity.

27 Mar 2017 10:31 AM


WHO says 1.7 million children die of pollution a year

Their developing organs and immune systems, and smaller bodies and airways, make them especially vulnerable to dirty air and water.

06 Mar 2017 9:25 AM

Hans sanitisers might prove harmful for children

Between 2011 and 2014 there were 70,000 calls to helplines in US for kids who had ingested, inhaled or got hand sanitiser in their eyes.

05 Mar 2017 1:47 PM