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Christine Blasey Ford

Brett Kavanaugh makes US Supreme Court debut

Kavanaugh dove into his new job, shrugging off controversy over his nomination and firing off a handful of questions at his first hearing.

10 Oct 2018 10:55 AM

Very scary time for young men in America: Donald Trump amid Kavanaugh row

The fight over Kavanaugh’s nomination has been unusually emotional and has unfolded just weeks ahead of Nov. 6 elections.

03 Oct 2018 11:04 AM

Donald Trump mocks Kavanaugh accuser Ford at public rally

Impersonating Ford, Trump on Tuesday said that the woman accuser only remembered that she had one beer and nothing else.

03 Oct 2018 9:51 AM

Brett Kavanaugh hearing: Can you be 'very, very certain' -- and wrong?

Brett and Ford, woman who says he sexually assaulted her decades ago, both say they are convinced their recollections of past are correct.

29 Sep 2018 3:06 PM

Woman says US state lawmaker Joe Fain raped her in 2007

In a tweet, Candace Faber said Sen. Joe Fain sexually assaulted her in 2007, night she graduated from Georgetown University in Washington.

29 Sep 2018 11:34 AM


Kavanaugh showed why I nominated him: Trump backs SC pick after hearing

Judiciary Committee is set to vote on its recommendation Friday before nomination goes to full Senate, where Republicans hold a slim edge.

28 Sep 2018 10:13 AM

‘I’m terrified... I feared I’d be raped’

Trump judge pick’s accuser testifies to US Senate panel.

28 Sep 2018 5:05 AM

'Absolutely’ sure Brett Kavanaugh, assaulted me, says accuser

Blasey Ford told Senate Judiciary Committee it was 'absolutely not' possible that she had mistakenly identified Kavanaugh as her attacker.

27 Sep 2018 9:11 PM

A look at Brett Kavanugh's 1982 calendar: sports, movies, parties

Ford is scheduled to testify Thursday morning before the Judiciary Committee, with Kavanaugh testifying separately, after she is finished.

27 Sep 2018 11:44 AM

US Senate committee postpones Kavanaugh hearing

Hearing against Trump's SC nominee Kavanaugh postponed after his accuser Christine Ford declined committee's request to testify before it.

22 Sep 2018 12:20 PM