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No laughing matter: When exactly did clowns become scary?

There’s nothing in any available evidence that kids were afraid of clowns in the ‘40s, the ‘50s, the ‘60s, the ‘70s.

24 Mar 2018 7:06 PM

Man dressed as clown running for city council seat

The candidate’s last name means clown in Spanish.

21 Sep 2017 4:46 PM

No clowning about it, cinema turns funnymen into scary creatures for children

According to clowns, children are scared of them after watching the big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s novel.

14 Sep 2017 12:55 PM

Boy's makeover into Pennywise the clown leaves people scared

A three-year-old boy from Mississippi seems to love clowning around, but his images are turning the internet upside down.

07 Sep 2017 1:21 PM