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Army tells personnel to follow cyber safety precautions while using Aarogya Setu app

Soldiers have been told to ensure their phones have antivirus protection

15 Apr 2020 8:29 PM

Prasar Bharati staffers ordered to install COVID-19 tracking 'Arogya Setu' app

A memorandum was sent on April 14 mandating the use of the app, which tells users if they may have come into contact with a COVID-19 patient

15 Apr 2020 6:17 PM

Overcorrection at the cost of privacy during coronavirus is problematic

Use of facial recognition and other personal data has the potential to set a new normal by resetting our expectations on personal privacy.

09 Apr 2020 9:06 PM

Aarogya Setu app downloaded on 1 crore phones, but does it serve the purpose, will it respect user privacy?

There is little clarity on who can access app data, and if it will be shared with state governments at the frontline of coronavirus response

07 Apr 2020 1:00 PM

Data privacy at stake amid governments' increasing 'surveillance' on phone users to track coronavirus spread

Most governments are accessing location data of mobile phone users in anonymised forms, but rights groups worry about privacy breaches.

04 Apr 2020 3:24 PM


Mizoram government launches mobile app on COVID-19 data, resources

Updates on the statistics of the state, India and the world will be provided by the app

04 Apr 2020 2:52 PM

India could soon have its own CoWin-20 app for contact tracing of people infected with COVID-19

The beta version of the app is being tested by a small group of individuals, say reports

25 Mar 2020 5:46 PM

Join efforts to trace the coronavirus route map in your locality by downloading this app

The MIT prototype Private Kit: Safe Paths app works by sharing location data between users, without revealing who the users are.

23 Mar 2020 5:46 PM