Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | Last Update : 10:42 AM IST

Cyber espionage

Julian Assange set to fight US extradition bid over Wikileaks exposes starting Monday in UK court

US prosecutors have indicted the 49-year-old Australian on 18 espionage and computer misuse charges that could draw a sentence of 175 years.

06 Sep 2020 10:42 PM

UK has concerns about "significant and widespread" Chinese cyber intrusion

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Britain it needed to change its attitude towards China and Huawei.

10 May 2019 6:10 PM

Taj Mahal cyberespionage framework has been active since at least 2013

Malware analysis shows that the platform has been developed and used for at least the last five years.

16 Apr 2019 12:35 PM

Chafer cyberespionage group targets embassies with updated homebrew spyware

Remexi was first detected in 2015, being used by a cyberespionage group named Chafer for a cyber-surveillance operation.

10 Feb 2019 2:15 PM

US charges 2 hackers with alleged Chinese intelligence ties

The alleged hackers, one of whom is nicknamed “Godkiller,” are accused of breaching computer networks.

23 Dec 2018 5:36 PM