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Shashi Warrier | The unwelcome results of total virtual recall

Exploring the potential and pitfalls of new software and its impact on productivity, privacy, and security.

02 Jun 2024 12:05 AM

Parliament panel grills Twitter officials over data security, privacy

The officials from the company, however, refuted the whistle-blower's allegations and denied there was any data security breach in India

27 Aug 2022 11:13 AM

FTAs with UAE, UK, Oz likely this fiscal

FTA negotiations with the European Union and Bangladesh also are progressing, but may take some more time for getting finalised

30 Aug 2021 9:27 AM

Trump says US should get a 'very large percentage' of TikTok sale proceeds

The US president has set a deadline of September 15 for TikTok to sell its US business or stop operations in the country.

04 Aug 2020 8:20 PM

Europe giving away its data wealth to US cloud storage companies, experts worry

The majority of European data is stocked outside of Europe, or, if stocked in Europe, is on servers that belong to non-European firms.

04 Aug 2020 7:10 PM


Hacking of 130 accounts exposes security chink in Twitter armour

Young hackers interested in original short Twitter handles hacked the accounts for bragging rights and financial incentives, the firm said.

20 Jul 2020 4:57 PM

Data privacy at stake amid governments' increasing 'surveillance' on phone users to track coronavirus spread

Most governments are accessing location data of mobile phone users in anonymised forms, but rights groups worry about privacy breaches.

04 Apr 2020 3:24 PM

US officials force Beijing startup to sell gay dating app Grindr over fears of blackmail by China

Majority stakeholder since 2016, Beijing Kunlun Tech told by US officials to give up ownership, sells stake to US firm for USD 608 million

07 Mar 2020 7:19 PM

States must ensure data security for its citizens: S Jaishankar

Give space to varied forms of cultural expressions and multiple societal narratives.

13 Nov 2019 4:12 AM

CoSoSys on sensitive data security and challenges faced by organisations

CoSoSys are someone who deals with endpoint centric Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and security software.

03 Jul 2019 3:58 PM


Google committed to user data privacy, says top official

Google has doubled down on commitment to provide best in class, privacy settings and controls said Google's Keith Enright.

31 May 2019 2:33 PM

Stringent password can prevent fraud: Study

The practice can cause more harm to the employers with many users and valuable assets protected by passwords.

15 Oct 2018 8:03 AM

Building a data security strategy – why the industry needs to work together

By 2025, almost 90 per cent of all data created in global datasphere will require some security, but less than half will be secured

13 Sep 2018 3:57 PM

Five mobile security myths debunked

A 2017 survey of 850 businesses determined that 100 per cent had at least one mobile malware attack in the past year.

05 Sep 2018 2:58 PM

Apple tells lawmakers iPhones are not listening in on consumers

Apple told US lawmakers that its iPhones do not listen to users without their consent and do not allow third-party apps to do so either.

08 Aug 2018 2:05 PM


India's telecom regulator recommends stricter data security rules

The TRAI recommendations come in the aftermath of the data breach controversy at social media behemoth Facebook.

17 Jul 2018 8:42 AM

8 out of 10 people concerned about Aadhaar data security, says study

More than 121 crore residents have been enrolled for Aadhaar and it has been used for over 19 billion authentications.

30 May 2018 2:47 PM

Trai views on data privacy, security in telecom sector: R S Sharma

Trai had floated a consultation paper on the privacy, security and ownership of data in telecom sector last year.

22 Apr 2018 11:56 AM

Multi-level campaigns must for awareness on data, user security: Nasscom

As far as citizens are concerned, there is a need for building awareness on what the threats are.

30 Mar 2018 5:15 PM

Kaspersky’s latest technology helps businesses tackle stealth remote control

Newly patented technology using machine learning ML-backed up technology will support businesses in fighting advanced threats.

02 Dec 2017 9:58 AM