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Tinder Passport frees you from location 'lockdown', lets all users connect across borders now

Earlier available only to premium users of Tinder, the feature that lets you pick matches in any location is now free for all

05 Apr 2020 4:47 PM

'Batman' star Ben Affleck uses dating app to find love; find out why

The 47-year-old is soon to star in a disaster drama based on Kate Southwood's book 'Falling to Earth'.

24 Oct 2019 4:43 PM

Threesome app exposes 1.5 million users’ data from White House to 10 Downing Street

3Fun has been categorized as being “probably the worst security for any dating app ever seen.”

10 Aug 2019 1:44 PM

Kunlun in talks with US over Grindr

The development represents a rare high-profile example of CFIUS seeking to undo an acquisition that has already been completed.

02 Apr 2019 1:17 PM

Hello from the other side

A new feature in the popular dating app Tinder promises to empower women by letting them control the flow of conversation after swiping right.

11 Oct 2018 12:32 AM


Here's the best way to prove your commitment in a new relationship

Relationship experts argue in today’s disposable dating culture, there is no better way to prove commitment than by deleting dating apps.

02 Aug 2018 4:48 PM

Data privacy, security: Tinder gets safer than before

The users were witnessing their photos and left-right swiping actions being hacked and misused.

30 Jun 2018 2:26 PM

More than half of gay males on hookup apps are underage

Study is first known research to document gay and bisexual teenage boys use sex and dating apps designed for adult men to find partners.

29 May 2018 9:11 AM

10 mistakes you are making on dating apps

From boring photos to no information, here are mistakes people make in dating apps.

26 Apr 2018 10:27 AM

Here are occupations that increase your chances of getting a right swipe on dating apps

As for women, hairdressers, nurses and lawyers seemed to be on top of the list.

20 Apr 2018 4:12 PM


Fashion designer kills DU student he met on dating app, arrested

The accused told the police that he got in touch with the victim through a dating site and had met thrice in 10 days.

30 Mar 2018 1:07 PM

Women who make the first move are more likely to end up in successful relationships

Here is what a new survey by a dating app has found.

22 Feb 2018 2:51 PM

Tinder shares dating tips for new year

Dating app shares video and some pro tips, that will help you create a quality profile and land those all-important right swipes.

06 Jan 2018 5:21 PM

Year ender 2017: Top conversation starters on Tinder this year

Starting conversation can be a harrowing task, we list some of the best lines that were seen this past year.

23 Dec 2017 1:22 PM

'Dad bods' get more matches on dating sites

Men who have a larger physique tend to do better than their slim counterparts according to a new research by dating app.

15 Dec 2017 9:46 AM


Here's how Tinder saved a man's life

Rohith Subramaniam shares his story about being saved by girl he matched with while stranded in the middle of nowhere in an alien country.

25 Nov 2017 5:36 PM

Dating app that sends singletons on romantic getaways with strangers

This dating app, MissTravel, sends singletons on romantic holidays with complete strangers.

11 Nov 2017 12:39 PM

Study finds that dating apps tend to make men unhappy

Research finds app users reported lower levels of satisfaction with their faces and higher levels of shame about their bodies.

07 Oct 2017 4:00 PM

Indonesia sees a dating app for polygamous relationships

People in Indonesia who are looking for polygamous relationship can rejoice as there is a new dating app specifically for that purpose.

03 Oct 2017 1:28 PM

Tinder is testing its new web app

The new feature is likely to roll out worldwide after the testing is completed.

29 Mar 2017 3:44 PM