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Organic farming impact climate, says study

Organically farmed food occupies larger land which impacts weather.

29 Dec 2018 3:12 PM

Don't cut anymore trees in Delhi till July 4, says Delhi High Court

'Has the green court allowed this tree-cutting?' HC questioned, saying the project would be on hold till July 2.

25 Jun 2018 1:02 PM

Climate change may slowly starve bamboo lemurs: study

The study analysed the anatomic, behavioural and paleontological data of lemurs along with climate data.

31 Oct 2017 3:40 PM

This man translocates trees instead of cutting them down in Bengaluru

The man from Hyderabad uses an ancient technique that saves the trees from getting cut

21 Feb 2017 4:28 PM

Idea that brought government to its knees

A tippler in C’garh encouraged tribals to cut 30,000 trees.

01 Jan 2017 2:37 AM


Migrating monkeys get ‘shock’ welcome

Five monkeys have died in the past two months after being electrocuted, including two in December.

19 Dec 2016 4:19 AM

Vegans are actually killing a lot of animals, claims naturalist

Scientist says being vegan is not necessarily the best way forward for the environment.

19 Nov 2016 12:11 AM