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Jal hi jeevan hai

Even the healthiest fruit juice cannot compete with good ’ol water. Here’s the why of it.

29 Nov 2019 1:13 AM

City reels under heat, faces surge in ailment cases

Doctors have advised citizens to keep themselves hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

05 Jun 2019 5:49 AM

Why is there a rise of kidney stones in women

With an increasing number of women reporting with the disease, kidney stones seem to have become an indicator of the narrowing gender gap.

14 May 2019 5:09 AM

Protect yourself from the heat

Heat waves have taken over bycausing a rise in heat strokes, dehydration and many heat-related ailments.

07 May 2019 4:53 AM

Mindful drinking, eating can prevent hangover, says study

76 per cent of adults experience some type of hangover after a drinking session.

21 Nov 2018 4:49 PM


Changing climate sends Mumbai to sick bay

According to doctors, there is also an increase in dehydration cases coupled with acute gastroenteritis.

13 Nov 2018 1:32 AM

Animals, birds in sick bay due to rising temperature

Over the past one month, the hospital has seen a 10-15 per cent increase in the number of cases of heat exhaustion.

27 Oct 2018 1:57 AM

How dehydration affects your brain

Even without dehydration, exertion and heat put a dent in test subjects' performance, but water loss made the dent about twice as deep.

22 Aug 2018 2:01 PM

'Drunchies' behind youth obesity epidemic

Participants did not report drinking more water or other non-alcoholic beverages before bed.

09 Aug 2018 3:14 PM

Dehydration can lower cognitive abilities: Study

Older people can dry out more easily because they often lose their sensation of thirst and their kidneys are less able to concentrate urine.

21 Jul 2018 2:29 PM


Dehydration may muddle your thinking

The big picture here is that the more dehydrated you are the less sharp you are.

07 Jul 2018 6:02 PM

Here’s why your pee might foam, and it could be serious

If a person is dehydrated their pee may appear foamy. This is because they are not drinking enough water.

21 Jun 2018 10:54 AM

Water may have cognitive benefits in older adults, says study

The study explored the association between hydration status before exercising and exercise-enhanced cognition in older adults.

23 Apr 2018 8:12 AM

Revealed! Why sugar, alcohol make us thirsty

UT Southwestern researchers made the discovery.

13 Apr 2018 12:26 PM

Get soft, supple skin this summer

Use a broad-spectrum (UVA & UVB) sunscreen SPF 30 or above, which must also be non-comedogenic and non-allergic.

24 Mar 2018 3:56 PM


Stay healthy and hydrated

This summer, beat the heat with these simple, light and mouth-watering salads and smoothies.

09 Mar 2018 12:15 AM

Namibia reports first cholera case after deadly outbreak in Zambia

Ministry said further investigation is ongoing and health workers have been alerted to be on the lookout for cholera cases.

01 Feb 2018 8:19 AM

German man drinks 20 litres of water a day to stay alive, but it can also kill him

He is also at a risk of dying from water intoxication where sodium levels in blood can plummet and prove fatal.

24 Dec 2017 4:42 PM

Furry fashionistas

While it’s fun to flaunt your pet’s personality, here is what you need to keep in mind.

31 Jul 2017 12:04 AM

Runversation: Forrest Gump-on-steroids? Try ultra running

This is a challenge you will go on only if you are convinced that there is more to life than logic and common sense.

22 Jun 2017 3:38 AM