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Dennis Muilenburg

Boeing 737 slides, falls into river with 136 people on board

A Boeing 737 commercial jet with 136 people on board slid into the St John's River near Jacksonville, Florida after landing.

04 May 2019 9:13 AM

Boeing faces fresh lawsuits from families of Ethiopian airlines crash victims

Fresh lawsuits were filed against Boeing by two families of passengers who lost their lives in the recent Ethiopian Airlines crash.

30 Apr 2019 1:05 PM

Panel to review approval of new Boeing 737 Max flight controls

A team of experts will begin reviewing how the Boeing 737 Max's flight control system was approved by US Federal Aviation Administration.

20 Apr 2019 11:45 AM

Boeing CEO apologises for lost lives in recent 737 Max crash in Ethiopia

Boeing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dennis Muilenburg on Thursday apologised for the 346 lives lost in crashes.

05 Apr 2019 10:28 AM

Trump speaks to Boeing CEO after Ethiopian plane crash

Donald Trump, concerned about the deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX passenger plane, spoke to Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg.

13 Mar 2019 12:37 PM