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Quarter of world could become desert if global warming increases by just 2ºC

Study finds, weather change would see more than quarter of world's land surface, home to more than 1.5 billion people, becoming more arid.

02 Jan 2018 8:37 PM

Find out why life on Mars is impossible

According to Oxford scientists, Mars was made uninhabitable when its surface water was absorbed into the planet’s crust.

21 Dec 2017 4:13 PM

Alien life is common in universe: study

The existence of the rocks the scientists analysed is also rather remarkable.

19 Dec 2017 2:11 PM

Space radiation can cause bone loss in astronauts: study

As NASA prepares for deep space travel, astronauts will also face increased, prolonged exposure to space radiation. 

17 Dec 2017 4:41 PM

Year ender 2017: 6 of this year's biggest conspiracy theories

Some may shock, while others may leave you scratching your head.

15 Dec 2017 5:28 PM


Mars atmosphere well protected from solar wind: study

The findings show that a stronger solar wind mainly accelerates particles already escaping the planet's gravity.

10 Dec 2017 8:00 AM

Moon-sized body likely delivered gold to Earth: NASA

The team determined the total amount of material delivered to Earth may have been 2-5 times greater than previously thought.

06 Dec 2017 2:53 PM

Self-taught rocket scientist plans to prove that earth is flat

Hughes is a 61-year-old limo driver who’s spent the last few years building a steam-powered rocket out of salvage parts in his garage.

26 Nov 2017 9:35 AM

Mystery about origin of gold unveiled

The focus of the research has been the region of the Deseado Massif at the Argentinean Patagonia,

23 Nov 2017 9:43 AM

Number of big earthquakes may increase in 2018: study

Researchers found that there had been periods of around five years when Earths rotation slowed/

20 Nov 2017 3:21 PM


New catalyst developed to recycle carbon dioxide and methane

It is hoped the new catalyst will help make the technology more widely available across industry.

19 Nov 2017 8:20 AM

20 years of changing seasons on earth packed into 2½ minutes

It took three months to complete the visualisation, using satellite imagery.

18 Nov 2017 6:03 PM

Study finds climate change going from bad to worse

According to experts Earth's average surface temperature last year was a record 1.1 degree Celsius above preindustrial era.

18 Nov 2017 7:55 AM

Metal carried by dinosaur-killing asteroid could kill cancer cells, cure disease

The precious metal platinum is already used in more than 50 per cent of cancer chemotherapies.

06 Nov 2017 4:20 PM

Dinosaur-killing asteroid cooled Earth more than thought

The research makes a more refined estimate of how much sulphur and carbon dioxide gas were ejected into Earths atmosphere after the event.

01 Nov 2017 5:35 PM


Winters on Mars shaping red planet’s landscape

In some cases, blocks sublimated so rapidly that they burrowed beneath the subsurface and were swallowed up by the sand in under 60 seconds.

31 Oct 2017 1:20 AM

Scientists discover sun-like twin stars 350 light years from Earth

The twin star was named after Kronos' lesser-known brother Krios. Their official designations are HD 240430 and HD 240429.

14 Oct 2017 8:41 AM

Mars study offers clues to origin of life on Earth

This study by NASA may finally clue us in about the origin of life on Earth.

07 Oct 2017 8:49 PM

Moon once had an atmosphere: NASA study

A NASA study has found that the Moon had an atmosphere about three to four billion years ago.

06 Oct 2017 12:51 PM

Meteorites splashing into warm ponds sparked life on Earth

Between 3.7 and 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth was being bombarded by meteors, at a rate about eight to 11 times higher than today.

03 Oct 2017 1:24 PM