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Recovering addict dies after inhaling deodorant spray while covering head with towel

Medics warned young people against using solvents and household objects for intoxication.

18 Nov 2018 8:25 PM

Man forced to fight for his life against sepsis caused by biting his nails

He was initially given antibiotics to clear the infection but he was rushed to the hospital when it spread to his arms and chest.

23 Oct 2018 5:20 PM

Nut allergy kills Indian origin boy in UK after he consumed sweets

Paramedics arrived after an emergency call and Aaron was given adrenaline and it initially appeared to work.

20 Mar 2018 8:17 PM

Drunk husband using mortar bomb as sex toy ends up killing wife

Meanwhile the man says that he only remembers his wife telling him to use household objects as sex toys.

08 Mar 2018 2:39 PM

Drastic changes in blood pressure can be deadly

The call to action for patients as a result of this study is to do everything they can to control their blood pressure on a regular basis.

10 Nov 2017 5:57 PM


Baby born to first cousins in UAE faces fatal health complications

Severe diarrhoea has left the child unable to absorb nutrients as she is alive only by invasive treatment.

18 Jul 2017 2:26 PM

Love handles can cause fatal health conditions

The major factor accelerating the pathway to metabolic syndrome is overweight and obesity.

09 Apr 2017 12:52 PM