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Trump's convention to ignite base with fireworks and culture war

Rather than go online or seek an alternate venue, Trump will give his speech from the White House itself

22 Aug 2020 10:43 AM

Tips to keep your pets safe this Diwali

Yes, your pets, especially dogs, fear loud sounds and wish to keep away from it.

26 Oct 2019 10:47 AM

Here’s how you can look your fashionable best this Diwali

Designers and founders of Toile, Priti Jain and Farheen Rahman share tips for women to look absolutely gorgeous during celebrations.

06 Nov 2018 12:49 PM

Celebrities, animal lovers share insights on how to care for pets this Diwali

Raveena Tandon, Richa Chadda and others speak about ways to make your pet feel safe during the festival of lights.

05 Nov 2018 4:09 PM

Diwali 2018: Greyhound lies trembling in terror as fireworks explode outside

The dog spent more than an hour quivering on the ground at home in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

31 Oct 2018 8:50 PM


Doctors ask for bomb squad's assistance to remove firework from man's leg

The fire department and bomb disposal experts were called as the patient was moved in an isolated space.

28 Feb 2018 2:54 PM

'Hand of God' saves Indonesian teen from fatal factory fire

Thursday's inferno at the factory in Tangerang, near Jakarta, killed at least 47 people, including a 14-year-old girl.

28 Oct 2017 11:43 AM

Dealers worried over fireworks industry

Tricolour flower pots, super fun multicolour shots and dolphin dives in the market, and none of these firecrackers violate the decibel limits.

19 Oct 2017 7:04 AM

Iran teen’s homemade fireworks cost home and 7 lives

The prosecutor said that he died, along with 6 family members, while one was severely injured and three others lightly wounded.

11 Mar 2017 3:44 PM

The New Year shindigs

Here’s a peek at what went through the roof on new year’s this year and other year’s before.

08 Jan 2017 1:36 AM


27 dead, 80 hurt as explosion destroys fireworks market outside Mexico City

The smoking, burned out shells of vehicles ringed the perimeter.

21 Dec 2016 6:58 AM