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Expert reveals best exercises for your body

Find out more.

16 Oct 2017 8:06 PM

Zumba classes may help better our quality of life, says new study

According to study, positive impact of the dance routine can last for up to two months.

05 Oct 2017 1:57 PM

Study finds millennials more health-conscious

Here's what researchers found.

25 Sep 2017 2:39 PM

Three minutes of high intensity exercise can be just as effective as half an hour at the gym: Fitness expert

High intensity exercises like non-stop skipping, sprinting or star jumps for 3 minutes raises your heart rate and releases endorphins.

25 Sep 2017 1:38 PM

No pregnant pause to fitness

You can now stay healthy during this special phase in your life, by following some easy-to-do exercises.

24 Sep 2017 12:29 AM


Fabulous fitspirators

There’s a new breed of fabulous social media fitness stars who are inspiring, motivating and pushing people to tread the ‘fit’ path.

17 Sep 2017 5:53 AM

Beetroot helps muscles recover quicker after intense exercises

Scientists have found that higher doses of beetroot enhances muscle recovery

16 Sep 2017 12:35 PM

Running groups can help you to quit smoking

Physical activity can be a successful smoking-cessation aid, researchers find.

13 Sep 2017 5:35 PM

Study reveals how fat exits the body when you lose weight

The answer is fascinating.

11 Sep 2017 5:15 PM

Get off that chair, now!

Sure, your hectic schedule may not let you go for that morning run, but you can burn a few calories at your workplace with these routines.

10 Sep 2017 5:52 AM


Fat to fit! Effective ways to lose that belly fat

Find out more.

03 Sep 2017 11:17 AM

Why thick waist could lead to cancer

Stomach fat surrounds internal organs like the liver, pancreas, and intestines.

01 Sep 2017 12:48 PM

Choose your health supplement with care

Here's what you need to look out for

31 Aug 2017 9:53 AM

Yoga wall done

Practise this simple yet core building form of yoga with the walls of your home as a prop.

06 Aug 2017 7:08 AM


In between 'healthy' snacking can help you lose weight

Snacking is a great way to avoid overeating during main meals.

02 Aug 2017 6:39 PM

Rewards may not make people hit the gym on a regular basis

People thought earning the incentive would be easy but were way overoptimistic about how often they'd go.

31 Jul 2017 8:20 PM

A hoopnotic vigour

Once relegated as a toy for children, the hula hoop is now acquiring a brand new image of a fun fitness tool in the city.

31 Jul 2017 12:03 AM

Get up and bounce!

Add a springy stretch to your regular fitness regimen with these trampoline exercises that are steadily gaining momentum in the city.

21 Jul 2017 12:07 AM

GOQii launches Arena Motivation Network and Auto food recognition feature ‘Referee’

GOQii has announced two new updates to its app under the names GOQii Arena and GOQii Referee.

18 Jul 2017 5:30 PM