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There is a new ice-cream flavour in town, and it contains cheetos

Brainchild of Drill’d Ice Cream Mixasters, an ice cream shop in Orange County, it contains vanilla ice cream and is mixed with Cheetos.

06 Feb 2018 2:38 PM

Savouring the natural flavours of coffee may help reduce sugar intake

For people who like coffee with sugar, focusing on it with their senses could help reduce sugar intake.

23 Aug 2017 7:53 AM

Dunking biscuits do make them tastier, says study

Submerging biscuits into a cup of tea make them tastier by releasing various aromas.

22 Aug 2017 4:58 PM

Find out why whisky tastes better with a few drops of water

According to biochemists, it is because of interplay of molecules that brings the flavour to the surface of the liquid amber.

18 Aug 2017 8:01 AM

A chammuch of CHUTNEY!

Nothing like the Punjabi chutneys to add fire and flavour to a meal. Here are some hot favourites by Chef Ravi Saxena.

12 Feb 2017 3:17 AM


World of wines

or wine drinkers, enthusiasts and curious minds, here are some of the most expensive bottles of wine in the world.

18 Dec 2016 12:41 AM

Have your drink and eat it too

Why just eat a savoury meal, when you can liven up your cocktails with the same ingredients?

27 Nov 2016 12:06 AM