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Florida detective captures 9ft long yellow anaconda with bare hands

Several people applauded the Detective's courage, Rick Garlin commented,

15 Oct 2017 2:30 PM

Pit bull puppy beaten, stabbed and stuffed in suitcase

Animal rescue centre, Grateful Paws Dog and Cat Rescue have taken the responsibility of looking for a new home for the pup.

12 Oct 2017 6:21 PM

Florida teen allegedly rapes neighbour, offers to do 'yard work' to make up for it

Young man breaks into woman’s house while she slept and put a knife to her throat before tying her up to the bed prior to the attack.

12 Oct 2017 12:12 PM

Florida 'hot cops' selfie results in avalanche of thirsty comments by women all around

Women flood 911 with requests for 'Hot Florida cops' to respond to 'their incident'

17 Sep 2017 4:10 PM

Florida: Ancient Native American canoe uncovered by Hurricane Irma

A photograph happened upon it along the Indian River.

17 Sep 2017 2:20 PM


Nun is one of Florida's heroes of Hurricane Irma

Meet Sister Margaret Ann, the nun who came ready to help her community following Hurricane Irma.

14 Sep 2017 12:28 PM

Three dead as Hurricane Irma batters Florida

The exact cause of the crash was not immediately known.

11 Sep 2017 12:31 AM

Florida gun-owners plan to ‘shoot’ Irma

Irma, the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history, has already wrought destruction in the Caribbean, killing at least 22 people.

10 Sep 2017 6:50 AM

Snooty, world's oldest known manatee, dies in aquarium accident

The marine mammal was born in a Miami aquarium on July 21, 1948.

24 Jul 2017 12:08 PM


American boy's death puts spotlight on opioid crisis

Detectives are still trying to piece together the child's final day.

19 Jul 2017 1:49 PM

Nearly 80 strangers form human chain to rescue drowning family

Several attempts for a successful rescue had failed and resulted in more people stranded.

12 Jul 2017 2:41 PM

International Bikini Day: Bikini destinations around the globe!

If you are ready for a holiday these places should be on your list.

05 Jul 2017 3:40 PM

Trump softens stance on China after meeting Xi

Mr Xi also reciprocated Mr Trump’s words, saying the summit had “uniquely important significance”.

09 Apr 2017 7:09 AM

Uber grounds self-driving cars after accident

No one was seriously injured in the accident which occurred in Tempe, Arizona while the vehicle - Volvo SUV - was in self-driving mode.

26 Mar 2017 12:44 PM


Donald Trump inauguration: Police counter protesters with pepper spray

Officers gave pursuit as the violent protesters melted away, and made several arrests.

21 Jan 2017 1:46 AM