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food crisis

UN launches humanitarian appeal for nearly USD 29 billion

UN launches USD 29 bn emergency funding appeal.

04 Dec 2019 3:38 PM

Man made starvation marks Zimbabwe amongst four highest insecure states

UN experts warn as Zimbabwe faces 'man-made' starvation.

29 Nov 2019 10:15 AM

More than 113 million people suffer 'acute hunger'

Eight nations account for two-thirds of the total number of people worldwide, the African continent worst hit: UN.

02 Apr 2019 5:39 PM

From hunger to obesity

The lack of access to food can be a major stressor on individuals.

25 Jan 2019 8:30 PM

Rural Bihar shifts to credit for survival

There are no food crises but those who have marriages in their house are in real trouble.

16 Nov 2016 4:13 AM