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South Africans make gin infused with elephant dung

Special South African gin is infused with an odd ingredient, elephant dung.

18 Nov 2019 12:00 PM

Amazing variety of botanicals found in elephant dung used to make this special gin

Special South African gin is infused with elephant dung.

13 Nov 2019 12:01 PM

Ginologists in South Africa giving gin a local flavour

South Africa slings back the fynbos-flavoured gin, after seeing 50 per cent increase in consumption.

29 Jun 2019 1:06 PM

Gin is in

India finally has a couple of good homegrown gin brands and makers are innovating and infusing with locally sourced botanicals.

30 Nov 2018 12:27 AM

Scottish distillery creates world’s strongest gin

The gin is said to have a creamy nutty scent and taste of heavy juniper with a sweet spiciness with 77 per cent alcohol by volume.

10 Feb 2018 11:57 AM


Gin, coffee drinkers more likely to be psychopaths

The study of 953 people involved individuals ranking different foods and drinks on a six-point scale.

01 Jan 2018 3:38 PM

Egg-Not! The 7 alcoholic drinks you should avoid this Christmas to save your skin

Alcohol has a tendency to dehydrate and may leave your skin looking dry and tight when Santa comes to visit.

23 Nov 2017 12:24 PM

A win-win with gin

Versatile, historically rich and tasty, gin is a hero for all seasons. Here’s how you can use gin better in your daily drink.

22 Sep 2017 1:48 AM

Drinking gin and tonic can help soothe hayfever

Most alcohol is supposed to make symptoms of hayfever and asthma worse, due to their high content of histamines and sulphites.

23 Jun 2017 12:42 AM

Your gin is best stored in the refrigerator

She also added that although storing gin in the cupboard wont ruin the quality of the spirit, it is best never had at room temperature.

16 Jun 2017 12:25 AM


Researchers recommend gin for faster metabolism

Consumption of gin resulted in a marked increase in metabolic rate, which indicates the spirit may have a slimming effect on the body.

16 Apr 2017 7:33 PM