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Make the most of amla in your daily routine

Regular consumption of amla can treat many problems.

28 Dec 2018 1:58 PM

Shampoo is the worst thing for your locks, says hair expert

When people first invented shampoo, they decided the cleaner a person can be, the better.

30 Aug 2018 8:37 PM

Don't eat bitter pumpkin, study warns after women lose hair

The plant family in question are cucurbits and include squashes, gourds, and pumpkins.

26 May 2018 11:19 AM

Novel drug may help treat hair loss

The only other option available to patients is hair transplantation surgery.

09 May 2018 4:24 PM

Here are benefits women are losing out on by waxing pubic hair

The hair is also a protective barrier for the vagina as rubbing skin together during sex can get painful.

15 Mar 2018 11:24 AM


Dangerous side effects of Holi colours

While washing the hair, first rinse with plenty of plain water to wash away the dry colours and tiny particles of mica.

25 Feb 2018 4:41 PM

Trump says he goes to great lengths to hide his bald spot

Trump turned around onstage and smoothed the back of his famous hair.

24 Feb 2018 5:44 PM

Pakistani men assert their right to be groomed as male beauty booms

There is this whole lot of clever marketing of male beauty products which is spurring demand

22 Feb 2018 10:27 AM

Experts reveals 10 foods that boost hair growth

A team of experts have revealed that now one can improve their hair with just eating the right foods.

08 Feb 2018 1:48 PM

New method may lead to hair loss therapy

The regenerated hair exhibited the typical hair cycle of murine hair.

03 Feb 2018 10:02 AM


Men find blondes more youthful, attractive: Study

The findings showed that the majority of the men would generally associate the women with lighter hair as being more attractive.

04 Jan 2018 4:31 PM

Scientists warn hair, soap build-up could put you at risk of deadly bacteria

Find out how quickly it can spread and become fatal.

06 Nov 2017 12:16 PM

Women are now getting botox to stop from sweating and maintain their blow-dries

A growing number of women are now turning to botox have their perfect blow-dries last longer.

02 Nov 2017 1:06 PM

Modern-day traits are inherited from Neanderthal DNA: study

The study is the first of its kind.

06 Oct 2017 12:05 PM


Peanut butter is this woman's secret to keeping 64-inch long hair healthy

Find out what Andrea Colson's hair tips are.

24 Aug 2017 6:17 PM

A new stem cell therapy may help promote hair growth

Researchers found that hair follicle stem cell metabolism is different from other cells of the skin.

16 Aug 2017 8:18 AM

Dark hair dye and chemical relaxers linked to breast cancer: study

An increase in breast cancer risk was found among black women who used dark hair dye and white women who used chemical relaxers.

13 Jul 2017 7:20 PM

Lustre revisits!

Consumers today want everything customised to their needs, from their food to their clothes.

28 Mar 2017 12:14 AM

The tress setters edit!

If you are planning to chop your hair anytime soon, here are a few cuts you should keep in mind.

03 Jan 2017 12:29 AM