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Karnataka district battles two viral challenges

Amid the coronavirus scare, fears arise of a resurgence of monkey fever

19 Mar 2020 7:26 PM

‘Indian kids lonelier and less confident’

For self-expression. And also in case my writing can enable or empower someone… it is more gratifying.

20 Jun 2019 1:34 AM

Lord Hanuman a Brahmin: Seer

A Jain seer here has earlier added new dimension to the debate, by claiming that Bajrangbali or Hanuman belonged to his religion.

02 Dec 2018 6:32 AM

Mythological hero was 24th form of Kamdev: Jain seer

The Uttar Pradesh chief minister’s office has denied that he had ever made any such claim.

01 Dec 2018 1:10 AM

Book review: An ode to the Hindu, Buddhist Monkey God

Other religions, mainly Buddhism, constantly weave themselves into the text as Pattanaik makes scholarly points of comparison.

03 Sep 2017 2:42 AM


Mystic Mantra: The incredible creator

The Lord has immeasurable and inconceivable knowledge, power, qualities and capabilities.

02 Jun 2017 4:40 AM

Let’s not get worked up

Indians need to get less hyper-sensitive about our national symbols.

19 Jan 2017 4:08 AM